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Letter to Chief Judge Katherine Fraser Queens Bench
  -  January 17th, 2001A.D.

To: Katherine Fraser the private woman acting as the chief Judge of the Edmonton Alberta Court of Queens Bench and the private man acting as the Alberta Provincial court chief Judge Ernie Walters .

From: Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger
Minister of Christ

Re: Actions of your charges and conference regarding your judiciaries abandonment of the meaning of their oaths.

Dear Ms. Fraser and Mr. Walters,
As you know I am Christian Minister following the laws of the King James Bible and of faith cannot allow any judicial proceeding to continue without ensuring to provide in my duty in performing a function of my calling for a moral social and benevolent purpose, due and truthful justice. One of my functions is to ensure that no imposters of her majesty's rule of law are present attempting to overthrow her majesty's government , in the court

I must in Christian defense of the faith I practice and minister of, ask all public servants judges lawyers and prosecutors I stand before, the meaning of their oath of allegiance. If they refuse to answer or do not know I cannot allow them to proceed whatever the matter as it will prejudice the outcome and the administration of true justice as God Intended. God is overall and all encompassing in this matter for me. The courts by their apparent disregard for the oath prejudice not only me but the whole of the system of justice. You may think power rests in the hands of those who have it but history paints us a cold picture for those who in corrupt fashion seize the energy of men or women without justification merit nor approval of the man or woman being exploited.

The men and women you both are in charge of that I have stood before to quote a few, Mr. Spevakow in St. Albert now retired . I refused to pay the fine he ordered for failing to blow as he had no allegiance had no right of my name and I told the clerk in front of witnesses she had no law that could compell me to sign their recognisance or fine arangements. I have signed nor ever paid and they cannot make me. They have no jurisdiction over flesh where no harm took place or was proved!

Mr. Mandamin of Calgary David Tilley, and P Ayotte who had me assaulted for trying to notice him of my faith and asking of his oath. Mr. Brooker in the Kirk Proceeding in August had me assaulted for asking for his allegiance and had me physically thrown out of the Edmonton Provincial court house by security as noted in the Edmonton Sun. All of these men refusing to acknowledge the meaning of that oath of allegiance and Ray Bradley who provoked my ministerial duty into action regarding this issue of failing to obey a court ,would not even say he had one but rather chose to in lack of ethical morals sidestep the issue with " I Decline your offer" twenty times on the record, in the Katherine Ibsen Matter In Stony Plain Alberta on June 6th and 13th. He respected me enough as a minister protected by 176 of the Criminal code to tell the RCMP to not touch me as I was leaving the alleged court room on the 13th of June as he and they would be violating section 176 of the code yet he encouraged the prosecutor in Stony plain, Wesley Dunfield, to charge me with failing to obey the order of a court. If the order of the court if it existed, was valid why didn't he have me physically ousted! I believe it was because I am a Christian minister and he has no authority over me unless I have harmed someone. I harmed no one in standing in defense of God's law!

The man acting as a judge in the Wishewan proceeding in Leduc this last May, Mr. Marshall, did acknowledge his oath to me as Christian minister on record and did admit on record after I read the Coronation oath into the record that the King James Bible is the rule of law in Canada.

Katherine and Ernie I cannot allow anyone to proceed against me in an all capital fiction of my name it is a violation of my faith to have any contract with fraud of legal fictions as applied to me or attached as an A.K.A. I am not a person I am a man so there is no confusion . A "person" is a player on a stage wearing a mask or a corporate entity. I am niether I am flesh bold and bone of YHVH's creation. Deuteronomy 10:17 Acts 10:34; and James 2:9 instructs me that if I allow the application of person to me or show respect for persons I am sinning. The Latin for Person is persona and means a player on a stage wearing a mask. A corporation and a human. I can not be both or have any connection with the person your law refers to. If you have dispute with the formation of names look up legal fiction and see if you can find any case law that forces a man or a woman to accept and acknowledge connection with a Roman fictional dead in law name.

I have noticed the Clerk of the court Wayne Samis with this information and would expect he will respect my wishes. I have taken out an ad of Notice in the Edmonton Journal of december19th regarding this and the fact that an un allegiant lawyer cannot operate in the courts of her majesty as he has no intent of upholding the King James Bible as law. This notice is of also of intent to those who are not of respect for God and his laws and that I in defense of the faith will out of threat duress and intimidation sue any man or woman that attempts to force this man of God into a contractual relationship with the mammon's rule of the devil as you nor anyone else have no authority to do so.

I will press for charges of fraud and extortion ,obstruction of Justice and obstructing a minister of God. Religious discrimination by the courts and judges is apparent as well as the willingness of your charges to violate 176 of the code that is the Queen's own promise embodied in the code. I hope you two can get together with me to discuss this. You are not above me in spirit as we are all equal in God's eyes and I would request that professional arrogance as has been observed in so many of your staff and charges, left aside in our discussions. Let us exhibit love toward one another in application of our freedom from unjust debt and taxation that has created so much crime. That last statement seems to catch you as a pinnicle for the industry of law in a conflict with the application of love as in God's law. Very soon crime would vanish as those in need has only to ask and it would be given or found for them. It is cooperation that founds the law of God. All contribute and all receive. It is a very simple government and precisely why the godless rich and greedy have intentionally taken it away, all for themselves.

I am left with my faith Katherine and Ernie and it would seem your profession is against that as every time I bring it up they get angry. I will not be further prejudiced and insulted as God's minister.

Ray Bradley unabashedly told the clerk of the court in Stony Plain, Shirley Frank, not to let me file any documents into the case 016780215 P 10101. I have witness of that action by her and twice she denied me in my application under the threat of criminal acts being committed against me in prejudice to my defense from such nefarious allegations of Ray Bradley. These were amplified by Wesley Dunfield who was well aware of my religious beliefs and in total prejudice to my faith and his own oath, and I did provide such laws of record and Christian abatement for their education and witness to what I am professing and defending. I did file these under threat and duress and intimidation, as in no joinder. I have her, Shirley Frank witnessed, as refusing to let me file the Queens documents. I contacted Ed Towers the deputy Attorney General and informed him of my faith and the obstruction of justice that was transpiring at Ray Bradleys hand and direction which he corroborated!. I have been informed that Mr.. Bradley is a devout Christian and I am confused as to his motive for attempting to obstruct me as a minister of God and in process obstruct justice. I am inclined as per our saviours example to forgive them if they know not what they do but am faced with the uncomfortable fact that they do know what they are doing as it was of intent he told the clerk not to let me file. I informed Ed that unless he was prepared to tell the clerk Shirley Frank in Stony Plain to override Rays instructions that I would have to press for charges against him and Ray as well as Shirley.

He being a good heart man and honest in fair conclusion eventually changed his mind and ordered Shirley to allow me a minister of Christ to file the Coronation Ceremony the Confession of faith the Statute of Westminster the Royal Style and titles act the oath of allegiance act the provincial court act revised Jan17th-21st 2001 under a proclamation by David Hancock??? etc. into the file for the charges of failure to obey the order of the court. ( Since when does a justice minister make proclamations?)That order was "leave" as Ray had not acknowledged his oath to me as the Christian minister standing and performing a function of my calling as a minister for Katherine Ibsen a parishoner of mine, in a failure to file case with the Criminal organization CCRA having no imperial law nor indeed God's law to support them. The Income tax act is not imperial law ,does not have a true certified copy filed with the clerk of the parliament of Canada and senate subject to and mandatory by senate Bill S21 and other specifications as to how a bill becomes imperial law. If it breeches the Bible's law it is void!!!! It is based in usury coveting and false witness! Slavery, paracitical and based with the father of lies. In short blasphemy!

My notice of intent has been published in the Edmonton Journal newspaper December 19th alerting all allegiants of her majesty's royal style and title and has filed into proceedings in the provincial courts where I have charged Mr. Nimirsky and P. Ayotte with violating 126. 265/6, 176. And 136 of the criminal code. I have also added obstruction of Justice to that as that is what they did. Notice of my faith in the paper and international publications of wide circulation are evidence of my beliefs and faith and indeed my ministry in invoking love among all that would not subscribe to the beat of money Changers drum.

Jesus kicked them the money changers out because they altered the weights ands measures and were cheating the people! The same is true today Katherine. I do not need to give you a lesson on economics because you can see the state the world is in as a result of violating God's command about usury. The whole of the criminal justice system is overloaded because of usury. The national debt created through fraud and usury that has been fraudulently placed upon us in this country is what creates the crime not the people. If God's law is applied there is no interest on loans but contracts for service are valid. This was the old way before 1913 in Canada. 0% interest on a loan as usury was against the Biblical command. When the bank act came along it was designed to take the Gold, in a short time, from the control of the people to the control of the private Bankers and those that backed them. In 1917 the treasonous war measures act was applied without ever receiving assent from her majesty as it was a temporary bill of parliament declared as being for the good welfare of the people. Wrong! It transferred power into the hands of the governor and it has never been returned. It is not law Katherine and Ernie it is treason! It was formed to collect on the debt the Banks had fraudulently via the non imperial law Bank act of 1913 created by usury upon the countries of the world so they could claim the Gold when the countries went bankrupt in 1931-33

I did not wish to implicate Allan Wachowich in this matter as I know his brother in law and I thought it would be prejudicial as he, I believe, knows of me and my quest in faith. I think he may have been in a position to recuse himself from the case on the 9th of January 2002 317 as Orest Iwaschuk, his brother in law and I, have discussed these matters with each other much prior and in detail and I believe he has mentioned my name and quest to Allen before. I had also served Mr. Wachowich before these fictitious proceedings with documents of Imperial law regarding subject matter jurisdiction in chambers at the Alberta Provincial Court house in Edmonton at 9:10 am January 9th 2001 A.D. through his aid Harry as witnessed by another minister of faith, Brother Randy Unrah and corroborated by Harry the security guard, after court.

Ask Allen Wachowich why I did not have to go into the arraignment Box in courtroom 317 of the 9th of this month like every other man or woman that has ever been in that room charged with something. Also ask if who provided him with a name to go along with the all capital legal fiction version on the docket. Ask him also if who told him they could not communicate with the court as they believed fraud was transpiring It was formed in fraud and I have proof of notice of being under threat duress and intimidation to the court re: records regarding my faith and name and that they are not to alter my name in any manner. He was served with two inches of Imperial law re: the taxation act being a violation of imperial decree dictate and proclamation. I also served Wayne Samis the Court Manager with the identical material of notice that the income tax act is fraud and treason. This of course being all connected to the Bank Act as the act was the usury that created the debt. The income tax act was and is an instrument to collect on the fraudulently unlawfully created debt perpetual.

I wish to meet with you to discuss the maladministration of justice in the hands of those who do not understand the meaning of their own oaths of allegiance and the elimination of the criminal attitude being displayed by your charges..

I pray you see this is proper and meet by way of this registered letter informing you of the prejudice against me and indeed her majesty's imperial law that is being applied. I hope in your ethical and oath sworn duty you will see I am sincere and you will instruct your charges that they must uphold the Biblical law and their oath to it in their proceedings at all times. In the alternative it would have all the appearances of open treason and rebuke for her majesty's defense of the faith as a non sanctioned man and woman with only the authority of their birth having no authority over the life of another unless damage can be established and the evidence is clear leaving no reasonable doubt.

The evidence is clear they had nothing to loan they had no right to tax the have no authority to get you to contribute to a fraudulent debt formed over 80 years ago.

Please remember I am performing a function of my calling and if you do not reply you are obstructing me by aiding and abetting the actions of your charges and indeed approving of those same said actions of treason and fraud

If you choose to not reply as before I will assume you intend to prejudice me by allowing your charges to violate my Christian faith as defended by her majesty in the placement of the King James Bible in every Court room in the commonwealth and the oath of allegiance they all must take to practice his law.

Sincerely in God's light as his faithful minister and servant and asking in good faith that you reply to this serious notice of mal administration of Justice

Minister of Jesus Christ and his teachings Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger

CC: Mr. A. Charles Baillie August 27th., 2001 A.D.
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
The Toronto-Dominion Bank
Executive Offices
Toronto Ontario

Mr. G. Montegu Black
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Txibanguan Limited

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