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Birth Certificate deregistry
  -  August 17, 2001

The Honorable Norman Sterling, Registrar General &
Minister of Consumer and Commercial Relations,
35th Floor, 250 Yonge Street,
Toronto, Ontario M5B 2N5
Dear Mr. Sterling,

I am writing to thank you for your letter of August 8th, 2001 in
response to my letter of July 18th in which I revoked and returned the two false
ONTARIO BIRTH CERTIFICATES which had been issued to me.As you concluded your letter you expressed your regret that you were unable to assist me any further. But your very acknowledgement of that fact and your inability to refute any of the statements I made in my letter to you have, in fact, been of real assistance to me! I stated a number of facts in my letter and gave you 30 days in which to refute anything which was in error. According to the rules of tacit
consent, you have acknowledged your agreement with all the following statements:
(1) Ontario birth certificates do not identify flesh and blood people created by God. They only identify fictional legal entities created by government.
(2)The government of this country has been bankrupt for almost a century and is deeply indebted to The Bank of Canada, a PRIVATE INSTITUTION owned and controlled by a few private bankers.
(3) Early in the last century, the government began using birth registrations (pledging the lifelong earnings of registered infants) as collateral against the national debt!
(4)Corporate government cannot pledge what is not theirs. (Flesh and blood babies, created in the image of God are not theirs!) So, by the process of birth registration, the government creates, in it's own image,"legal persons" which are otherwise known as corporations !
(5)Every time a live birth is registered in this country, a legal person
is created by government which is then used as collateral against the
national debt! We think we live in a "free country" but we were all, in fact,
born into SLAVERY!
(6)While names of flesh and blood men and women are always written first
name first and in upper and lower case letters, names of legal persons
are written last name first and/or in ALL CAPITALS !
(7)While a flesh and blood man or woman is comprised of a spirit, a soul
and a body, a legal person is comprised of a legal name, a legal number
and a legal document.
(8)Flesh and blood men and woman are recognized by God and by other flesh and blood people. But government bureaucrats do not recognize people! They only recognize "legal persons" by legal names, legal numbers and legal documents!
(9)Government registrations are designed to deceive in order to instil fear of death in its' legal person subjects in order to bring them into the bondage of debt!
(10)Legal persons are pledged without their knowledge or consent, as collateral against the national debt!(11)In transactions between private banks and government agencies the
persons of Canadian citizens are being bought and sold.
(12)Most Canadians unknowingly assume responsibility for "the legal
In addition to acknowledging the truth of all of the above statements,
you have also acknowledged the truth of my statement that all of the
following beliefs are COMPLETELY FALSE:
(1) without a birth certificate no child could lawfully receive an education!
(2) without a Social Insurance Number no one may lawfully work!
(3) without a driver's license no one may lawfully travel on a public
highway in their own vehicle!
(4) without a government Health Card, no one would have lawful access to
health care services!
5) without a government Marriage License and a government licensed Marriage officer no one could be lawfully married!
In your letter, you also wished to inform me that if I wished to obtain "my"
birth certificate in the future, I would be required to complete an application form and submit the required fee to the Office of the Registrar General!

Mr. Sterling, please let me reiterate a couple of simple truths:
(1)If the said "birth certificate" was really mine, I would not have to make application or pay a fee for it, would I?? The very fact that applications must be made and fees paid for such is proof positive that such documents are the property of corporate government which creates
the legal fictions thus identified!
(2)While the Registrar General's office may be in possession of the "birth
certificates" of LEGAL PERSONS created by corporate government, there is not a government bureaucrat in that office who could identify me as a flesh and blood man if I were in their very presence! Since they do not know me, could not recognize me, nor could they introduce me to any other man or woman, IT WOULD BE UTTER FOOLISHNESS FOR ME TO THINK THAT THEY COULD PROVIDE VALID DOCUMENTATION TO VERIFY THAT I AM WHO I SAY I AM!!!!

The only ones who are qualified to vouch that I am who I say I am are:
(1) my Creator, (2)myself and (3)other flesh and blood people who know me!
Since, under Canadian law, one is innocent until proven guilty, I am
under no obligation to prove that I am who I say I am. Rather the onus is on
people who may call my given name in question to prove that I am NOT who
I say I am!
The office of the Registrar General is only capable of providing series
of numbers which identify fictional legal entities! Since I am not a legal
fiction I have no need of the services of this office!

Thank you for your assistance and confirmation of these matters which
will benefit many men and women across Canada and in the United States withwhom I have been sharing my correspondence with various government agencies.