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Detaxation Notice to county Municipality
  -  Notice of intent April25, 2001A.D.

Constitutional Challenge
To the County of Lac Ste. Ann
Att: Len Szybunka C.A.O. tel/fax:4591900
To whom it may concern,
I am Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger 48 years of age and am conducting service living with family by the grace of God in holy ceremony and near and in the local of Onoway as Minister of God of good standing and recognition in the universal church in the province of Alberta and the world.

I do hereby declare for all to hear from this point in time and prior time that in good faith and religious belief I will not be , and cannot be ,compelled by force to contribute my family's and my church's energies in the form of taxes to a corrupt system that does not recognize it's own laws allows violations of those laws that are detrimental to the people and by evident events is intent on committing and conspiring to commit treason against her majesty and the people within her dominion ,that by the grace of God she is to protect ,in defense of the faith.

The taxes that are sponsored by the legislatures statute the MGA are non applicable to me or my family's property as we are not members of the Roman Body corporate and or corporate structure of Canada nor bound by any legitimately obtained contracts of substance. We as a family of man woman and children are indeed are a legitimately formed church under the rule of the King James Bible. Section 32 of the Canadian constitution says that the charter only applies to the governments and as such all authority is of God as the King James Bible is the royal law. Section 176 of the law that applies to the governments states they shall not harass me on a civil violation that would detract from my service as a minister or prevent me from proceeding with an ceremony or function of a religious calling. My location of living is my church headquarters at n.e.31 1-west5th 53 and I conduct service here year round and on a 24 hr. call. I hope it is not your intent to prevent me from my practicing my faith and calling by disrupting my church with non applicable taxes!

I, my family, and Gods land in his service and ownership is not subject to taxation, and I hereby declare a constitutional challenge to any unauthoritive, unallegiant, unlawful, inference that you as an agent of her majesty can tax me as a minister of God and the Church which is my property and solemn temple and abode of humble service to the Lord that such living abode and temple is part of my faith and belief.

Please be advised that because of an historical arrogant evidential lack of integrity and an oath of allegiance of the various court entity officials I have stood before and written to, I am now declaring that I will be , in defense of the such stated faith I subscribe to in holy procession, requiring evidence of the allegiance of all who may have any decision making powers regarding this notice and offer of good faith.. This is not contemptuous but in regard to the high standards bound by oath of any judicial or administrative office that may by their decisions influence the lives of men woman or children.
Sincerely in God's service and in defense of the faith,
Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger C/0 general delivery near, Onoway Alberta[T0E1V0]