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Words for de facto Judges
  -  Before he sits down you as God's minister must set the array of the court.

" I claim this court in the name of Jesus Christ and the anointed of God Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor as defender of the Christian faith.

If he sits he accepts your offer.

If he leaves he declines.

You may start off by avoiding subject matter Jurisdiction and dealing with the weak spots of a de facto court thereby eliminating it's de facto jurisdiction

Are you aware I am officiating and performing a function of my calling as God Jehovah's minister and that I am standing in God's Kingdom?

If the Judge evades your question, simply repeat it--- If he states something like: I am a Judge and this is my court. Then ask him

Does the semblance of this court have standing in God's Kingdom?

Now this one he's Not going to say Yes or No, simply because he cannot admit to operating in God's Kingdom and he sure as hot/spot isn't going to admit he's operating Outside of God's Kingdom ,So we have a problem: Where? Is this a lying, evil, fascist, dark hearted soul? Is there a lawful court that we can find?

Do you deny I am standing in God's Kingdom?

Do you as a man, oath sworn as a true allegiant to a Christian monarch styled as defender of the Christian faith, recognise the supremacy of God Jehovah as absolute authority in the semblance of this court.

Again, no Judge, man or monkey of the court can even begin to disprove or deny your not standing in God's Kingdom and again he sure as Hell is NOT going to agree, because he therefore states that he is not a Judge and only a man, and no man can Judge another in God's Kingdom. So, your standing on rock solid ground and at this point he is on a very slippery slope back to where he came? from. Have patience now and we'll take another stab at locating this lying, evil fascist bastards Illegitimate, illegal and unlawful de facto kangaroo court that we cannot seem to find.

Stay cool, calm and collected because, by now, this black robed devil is liable to be screaming at you to give him your NAME. I know your getting edgy, what, with all his ranting and raving, But your faith in Christ tells you that your safe standing in God's Kingdom. Your reply should go something like this:

Are you aware My name is a private, not for commercial use, Christian name and that I officiating and performing a function of my calling as God's minister cannot submit to those who are not in the Kingdom of God as I believe they are not of God but act as false gods?.

Do you have a name of your own?

Can you lawfully intimidate me to violate my Christian faith and the first command of God that the Queen defends?

Do you have any lawful authority to neglect your oath to God in being truly allegiant to the Queen.

In awareness of corruption with in the government system of law is it lawful to determine who I, officiating and performing a function of my calling as God's minister, am submitting to, and to in honor ask for proof that their claimed authority is legitimate?

Can you deny your duty or make up your own definition of what it means to be truly allegiant to a Christian monarch?

By now you've blown the lying, evil, fascist, egotists mind,and if he has'nt had you thrown out of his court by now, you might as well thank him for his understanding of God's Kingdom and bid him farewell….. Minister Jackie G.V.Harper