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The Creators Law is the Supreme Law of the Land

Part of those laws are the natural rights afforded every flesh and blood man and woman on the planet, and they can never be taken away by any man's law.
Here are your 3 natural rights, which cover every important part of your life.

Life - because you are living now, your right to life is obvious, but this right
also includes the following rights: Sustenance of life: this means you have the right to keep living and in this world that means you have the right to make money, so to provide yourself adequate food, clothing and shelter.

These rights were confirmed by the British Columbia Court of Appeal as belonging to us all, in the 1909 case - Rex vs. Sang Chong. Quote: "the unmolested pursuit of one's trade or occupation and free use of the highways; (4) freedom from malicious vexation by legal process; and (5) to one's own property." You will want to look up the definition of the term: "unmolested". As long as you have no intent to harm, you don't have to answer to anyone in relation to the pursuit of your occupation, this means you don't to need ask and/or pay for anyone's permission to pursue your occupation, as example: "a business licence". You can't be taxed for exercising your rights either, and especially not by a "corporate government de facto".

Liberty: you have the right to move freely around the country and to freely
use your highways, and to do or say whatever you wish, so long as you do not infringe upon the rights and freedoms of any others. This also includes the right to be "free" from "malicious vexation" of any form, not just through "legal process", which is including taxation. Your right to liberty also confirms your right to the unmolested pursuit of your trade or occupation.

Property: you have the right to own things, if a record must be made to show that thing belongs to you, you have the right to have it recorded in your own flesh and blood man/women's name, not like the corporate governments do by "registering" that property in their own corporate trust's name, spelled with all capital letters. You have the right not to have your property seized by anyone, except by due process of law before good men of the neighborhood. No one man can judge your right to keep your property, it must be by a number of men who know you and they must live in your neighborhood. The corporate government's legal industry has a similar, yet very different legal process, which they call "trial by jury". We have all been denied our 3rd natural right, to our own property