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Disclaimer agreement for Church from bad apple ministers
  -  This communication is to ensure we have an agreement

in the following terms and

It is agreed no one can predict the actions of another with effectiveness.

It is agreed that men and women make poor choices at times and not all actions are attributable to to the Church of the Ecumenical Redemption Internationals minister's and that those ministers who read and follow the word of Christ in offering division from the corruption that surrounds us will prevail.

It is agreed that if a new comer to the faith and shy in his stand and is trying to exert his faith that intimidation to get him or her to bow to a false god is treason.

It is understood and agreed that I am a freeman standing in Gods free kingdom and not a fictional entity compellable to bow to a false god government that admits it is de facto.

It is agreed that de facto means usurped power.

It is agreed that de facto is the opposite of de jure meaning lawful.

It is agreed that it is unlawful to submit to a false god government that is fictionally in debt to a privately owned bank whos rich and powerful families are using ancient commercial law to enslave the worlds masses.

It is agreed and forever binding that I as a man of God have all of my freedoms God given and I cannot lawfully be intimidated to renounce them.

It is agreed that there will be some men or women that will abuse this process and attempt to foul the offer of Christ.

It is agreed that there are foul men among all faiths in the world and that there are those men who would attempt to discredit the church by using the actions of those who are not true in heart and sound in their motives and labelling all of the ministers as being the same.

It is agreed that the tarred with the same brush technique is a very old ploy.