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Agreement with Frank Quennell the private man and associates


The private man Calvin Johnston acting as CHIEF OF POLICE OF THE CITY OF REGINA.

The private man Frank Quennell acting as the JUSTICE MINISTER of SASKATCHEWAN.

The private man Maynard Sonntag acting as the MINISTER OF TRANSPORT OF THE PROVINCE OF SASKATCHEWAN.


The private man Giuliano Zaccardelli acting as The COMMISSIONER FOR THE RCMP.


The private man Minister Rolf: Hartloff

Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International

Regina Ecclesia with the government-issued number 1252 on Rae Street.

No Code - Non-commercial

It is agreed - I am a minister of God. My Christian name is Rolf: from the family Hartloff; I was created by God Almighty with rights and in sovereignty; I do not accept liability for, nor am I a surety for, the corporate creation known as ROLF HARTLOFF, Rolf HARTLOFF, HARTLOFF ROLF or any similarity like that or a 'person' from any STATE-created document. Should you choose to act in honour and recognize my ministry, we will be at peace with one another. Unless you have evidence that I have harmed someone or their property you will not harass me. For our mutual agreement and harmony, it is my intent, with this covenant or contract, to resolve all uncertainties.

As a minister of God, I am also informing you that I have been a skilled and able user of automobiles, vans, small buses and light trucks since nineteen hundred sixty-three. It is my intent in this letter of agreement to completely and irrefutably dispense with assumptions that I am a fictitious entity known as a "person" or a "driver".

The Definition of a License is: A personal privilege to do some particular act or series of acts on Land without possessing any estate or interest therein, and is ordinarily revocable at the will of the licensor and is NOT assignable. The permission by competent authority to do an act which, without such permission, would be illegal TOTALLY or, a trespass, a tort, a clear violation of land and/or otherwise totally NOT ALLOWABLE UNDER ANY CONDIDITON. See People vs. Henderson, 391 Mich. 612, 218 N.W. 2nd 2@4. A permit granted by an appropriate governmental body, generally for a consideration, A FEE, to a person, firm or Corporation to pursue some occupation or to carry on some business subject to regulation under the POLICE POWER of Government. Ezekiel 33:6-10.

It is agreed - the definition of person comes from the Latin word "persona" and that word means a mask worn by a player on a stage for sound magnification.

It is agreed - As God's minister I am not commercial nor under any commercial law.

It is agreed - the Christian monarch anointed of God, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, is sworn to defend the laws of God and defends the church and the clergy from any interference in their calling and duties.

It is agreed - Sects. 126, 176, 180, 423 and 412 of the Canadian criminal code applies to all police officers and all sworn allegiants of her Majesty.

It is agreed - the supreme law of the debtor corporation known as CANADA is the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and according to section 32 of that Charter, it only applies to the government of CANADA and all of its oath-sworn employees.

It is agreed - no man or woman or corporation can obstruct, intimidate or act as a nuisance to a minister of God that is performing functions of his/her calling with a law that is added to or in derogation of the laws of God as commanded in Deuteronomy 4:2, 12:32; Romans 11:29.

It is agreed - perjury occurs when a government agent swears the oath of allegiance to God and her majesty and has absolutely no knowledge of what that oath means; it is only used to get a job or position.

It is agreed - ignorance of the laws of God is no excuse to intimidate men and women of faith to violate the laws of God.

It is agreed - minister of God travelling in the service of God are officially performing a function of ministerial calling by spreading the "word of redemption" as found in the King James Bible in Lerviticus:25.

It is agreed - when acting as one of her majesty's allegiants in uniform, you are bound to respect and honour the ministry of those who are performing the functions of their calling.

It is agreed - you have no authority to assume or tell any minister of God how to practice their faith or perform the functions of their calling.

It is agreed - if you are in doubt as to our minister in spreading the good news of Christ you are to give the benefit of that doubt to all of God's declared ministers.

It is agreed - seizing any property of the Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International or detaining it in any way, causes harm, intimidation and obstruction to our ministry; you will be made aware of violations of applicable Sections of the CCC if such unlawful action is applied and you will be acting with "means rea", or guilty mind.

It is agreed - any costs or expenses incurred by unlawful seizure or detainment from police, agents or any de facto government persons will be paid to the minister by the supervisor or superior of said police officer, agent or government person.

It is agreed - motor vehicle acts, as created by corporate entities known as legislature, are corporate law that only applies to corporate and/or commercial entities.

It is agreed - the word "public" applies to and is a designation of government bodies formed in legal fiction and that the word "private" is not government and applies to men and women being flesh and blood creations and not incorporation created as "persons".

It is agreed - this private communication cannot be dealt with by dead-in-law corporate lawyers working for the corporation of a PROVINCE or a de facto government of any kind.

It is agreed - fraud, nuisance, obstruction, and intimidation is being applied if an attempt is made to force corporate law upon me, traveling as a minister of God.

It is agreed - you are aware that de facto laws, written by men and women that do not know what their oath of allegiance means, are without sanction of the Christian monarch and Defender of the Faith.

It is agreed - the Westminster Confession of faith of 1646 was an act of Parliament of Great Britain and is still law that is valid and in force in CANADA.

It is agreed - an oath to a Christian monarch I an act of religious worship and all who refuse to acknowledge and submit to that fact are impostors.

It is agreed - my beliefs cannot allow me, a Minister of God, to be classified as a "person"; it violates my Christian faith to show respect for any persons. James 2:9.

It is agreed - the motor vehicle laws in SASKATCHWEAN and CANADA which are inclusive of, but not limited to, the highway traffic acts, only apply to commercial or public service vehicles, and do not apply to private autos, vans, light trusts or RV's, etc. for private or religious use.

It is agreed - you know that if you attempt to intimidate a minister of God to submit to provincial corporate law, you will be responsible to prove how you got the authority to violate Sects. 126, 176, 180 and 423 of the CCC.

It is agreed - as a minister of God, I am a freeman; I may travel freely on all of her Majesty's highways and by-ways in a private owned conveyance without a PROVINCIAL license and without violating any law that applies to me as God's minister.

See sec. 39 - Magna Carta.

Rex v. Chong (1909) Irving J. - B.C. Supreme Court.

Ron Carelli vs. Maurice Duplessis (1959) Supreme Court of Canada decision.

It is agreed - Ezekiel 33:6-9 removes any assumptions that I am making use of, or under the jurisdiction of, man's commercial or corporate laws, I answer only to God's law.

It is agreed - all of God's ministers have the freedom to proclaim the ministry throughout the land, without molestation or obstruction, unless there is a verifiable claim that one of God's ministers has harmed some man, woman, child or their property.

It is agreed - a surety or bond is in place for every minister with the Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International; this bond covers the ministry and shall act the same as the product known as "Financial Responsibility assurance".

It is agreed - a "motor vehicle" is designated for commercial use only; an automobile is for private, social or religious use.

It is agreed - the word driver is only applicable to those driving for hire or acting in commercial capacity for profit.

It is agreed - as God's minister, I am under no lawful requirement in my ministerial capacity to submit an application for a license to a false-god, de facto entity that is dead in law, nor be bound by de facto definitions of motor vehicle, driver or any other de facto definitions in your act.

It is agreed - all laws or statutes passed or created by a corporate fiction, only applies to the members and employees of that corporate fiction.

It is agreed - if you, or agents in your charge, when dressed in uniform and acting as police, peace officers or any form of law-enforcement, ignore my freedom to travel in God's ministerial function and interfere with that freedom, you are failing to exercise due diligence by not informing your agents of the limits of their presumed powers over a free and sovereign man and the existence of my claimed freedom in ecclesiastical pursuits (see pertinent sect. of CCC 176)..

It is agreed - conveyances (automobiles, vans, RV's etc.) will be recognized by special identity or by a minister who is carrying the King James Bible.

It is agreed - the PROVINCE OF SAKSATCHWEAN or CANADA does not own the geographical land area commonly referred to as the province of Saskatchewan or the land-mass known as Canada.

It is agreed - when a minister is in the service of God, he/she acts in no way unlawfully, illegally, trespasses, does a tort, or otherwise does anything that would require a license.

It is agreed - the government of CANADA and each PROVINCE as debtor corporations recognize the Supremacy of God; he is the Creator of all that exists and is the Creator of all mankind.

It is agreed - man-made government has created "the registry", which creates and issues licenses to other governmental fictional and commercial entities, (i.e. persons and drivers).

It is agreed - the King James Bible is my ministerial ecclesiastical permit for identification and capacity of my standing in God's Kingdom.

It is agreed - there is no lawful claim against me from an injured party, a child, a man or a woman, or there exists no breach of any lawful contract of God's law without evidence of such violation.

It is agreed - my liberty, my security and my property are now under the constant threat of intimidation, seizure, confiscation and harassment from your de facto agents who appear to be ignorant of my right to travel.

It is agreed - you will correct this problem.

It is agreed - as a result of your awareness and knowledge of the unlawful threat, duress and intimidation by men and women who have sworn allegiance to God and the Queen, and in defence of my faith and honour I must receive from you, the private man, a point-by-point rebuttal.

The rebuttal is required immediately if any of the points of agreement above are in error. If you fail to do so, you will know that we have an irrefutable irrevocable , tacit agreement which will be witnessed. One witness will be her majesty the anointed of God, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, who stands as Defender of the Faith.

If you do not reply within ten (10) working days, your agreement will be a fact by tacit consent and you will have waived all future rights to dispute my claim made herein. The tacit consent copy will be sent to you along with witnesses, and a copy to her majesty. A private notice will also be posted in the media.

I want you to comprehend that I am doing this because of my awareness of corruption within the police, the judiciary and the governing bodies that pass de facto laws; I obey god's command "do not bow down to them or their laws" which are derogation of or in addition to His laws. Exodus 20:3-5 Deuteronomy 4:2; 12:32.

Thank you for your attention in this matter and if I have offended anyone in verifying my faith and defence of it, I pray for forgiveness.

May God bless you abundantly; I shall remain God's minister and witness of Jesus Christ.

Minister Rolf:Hartloff

__________________________ Witness: _____________________

Witness: _____________________

Cc: Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor acting as Queen Elizabeth II

Covenant entered into on this the fifth day of December in the year of our Almighty One, two thousand and five, A.D.

Certification Mark by:

Minister Rolf:Hartloff, who is and exists only as beneficiary of the Original Organic Jurisdiction known as Earth created by God, and the redemption for my sin by the sacrifice of his only begotten Son Jesus Christ