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Sasakatchewan Justice in Disrepute June 2006

A Saskatchewan de facto Justice Minister is having his aid Tim Williams, an openly admitted homosexual, tell all who ask that there is no law requiring the presence of an authorised letters patent version of the King James Bible in the court rooms in Saskatchewan formed in the Christian monarchs name with her picture adorning the walls .

This after the assault, kidnapping and unlawful detention of Minister Karen Ann Macdonald who refused to stand for a de facto provincial judge who is rumoured to be a professed Homosexual, an Albert Lavoie, and another evidentially anti Christian de facto , Brosi Nutting, who refused to provide a authorized King James Bible or admit it was necessary to have a Bible in the court to Minister Macdonald upon repeated requests from her for it's proviison .

Jon Brosi Nutting was the former Chief Judge of the provincial court in Saskatchewan in 1998 and who requested the Bible be removed from all of Saskatchewan's court rooms in 1998. He was replaced by Gerald Seniuk in 1999 who is the present Chie Judge of the province.

He has provided no comment so far acting as the present Chief judge of the Sasktchewan provincial courts in spite of his awareness of the fact the Queen has been made aware via fax to Windsor Palace.

Frank Quennell the so called de facto Saskatchewan justice minister is also allowing one of his de facto Prosecutors such an Anthony Gerein to profess that the KJV Bible has no sanction in the Saskatchewan courts and that religion has no place in a de facto court of law.

It appears Mr. Gerein, who has a relative sitting on a de facto bench, has no respect for his oath of true allegiance to the Christian Queen likely having taken the Kol Nidre a Jewish oath to disavow all other oaths he may have taken. This seems to be a popular thing to do among those who are within the justice system who are Jewish.

It appears we have a bunch of confessed liars and homosexuals running the whole of the Saskatchewan de facto justice system which presents an imminent and real threat to Christendom, in the world as we know as, and her Majesty's ability to carry out her coronation oath to defend the laws of God with all of her power.. Minister Macdonald was said to proclaim that "No contempt or hatred is intended for the homosexual union but for the actions by them to have the Bible removed from our ability to exercize our faith in it. and hold it's laws sacred"

Those men and women who lied when they took their oaths to the Christian monarch, herself sworn to defend the laws of God with all of her power, are treasonous impostors and have committed an indelible stain of fraud upon the fabric of society and if allowed will destroy the freedom of faith and it's application we all possess as is it's plan.

Homosexuals are not to pleased with the KJV Bible's God Jehovah ,who that declares their lifestyle immoral, and are on a quest with traitorous corrupted lawyers and justice officials to have it 's sanction removed so they are in total commercial control.

This is just another in a long line of atrocities the anti Bible crew are involved in nationwide. Our countries judicial moral and religious foundational structure is being undermined by their immoral treasonous, conscious, and illicit efforts to remove the Bible and declare themselves as god.

Minister Karen Ann Macdonald is a Christian minister of the Church of Ecumenical Redemption International that stands for the principles of the King James Bible, as defended by Elizabeth Mary Alexander Windsor, and it's brotherhood will not bow to or stand for, nor answer, to a court that is not formed with the sanction of that Letters patent King James Bible.

Minister Karen Ann Macdonald ,as of her faith and beliefs in God's first command, will also not respect the "Person" ( James 2:9) of a man or woman that does not understand the meaning of their oath to God to be truly allegiant to a Christian monarch.
Contending, that if they do not, it is impossible for them to be truly allegiant and that as a result it provides clear evidence they lied to get their job . It also provides evidence they have committed a breach of trust and fraud upon her majesty and are acting as a false god.

Minister Karen Ann Macdonald is also accused of having abducted her Children to save them from a apparently confessed child abuser a John Kwok whom these named justice officials are frightfully aware of via his posted world notice confession and seemingly support his atrocious activity.

Minister Karen Ann Macdonald cites the Westminster Confession of faith from 1646 chapter 22 and 24 as the source of mans law that is still in force that applies to all of her majesty's allegiants but is being flagrantly ignored by them in defiance of their sworn oaths for apparently evident reasons.

"I will not submit to false god's or their courts" "You are obstructing a Christian Minister" ( Section 423 ,180, and 176 of the Canadian criminal code) offered Macdonald when being forcibly removed from the court to be assessed for a thirty day mental evaluation ordered by Brosi Nutting a professed anti Bible Zealot and the former Supreme Court Justice in Saskatchewan who proferred to remove the Bible from all of the Saskatchewan courts in 1998. We have found this pertinent fact out thanks to a freedom of information request by the CBC.

Minister Karen Ann Macdonald is being unlawfully held in North Battleford Forensic Unit incummunicado until we can find enough awakened Christian's that are willing to stand to effect her release.

A lawful writ of Habeas Corpus was filed with the
private man acting as the de facto Minister of Justice, a Frank Quennell and his de facto prosecutors as well as de facto Head judge Gerald Seniuk and all the head correctional officers of the various detainment facilities last Wednesday but was ignored, rejected and denied by him to bring Minister Macdonald before a court of competent Jurisdiction to evaluate the validity of her detainment.

The plan by the proud (pro)intruding and professing homosexual union that seems to run and has overtaken the Saskatchewan legal system is to totally remove the Bible and declare it as hate legislation. This move can and will undermine the whole justice system US and Canada wide and is banking on the fact that no Christian group will rise to the defense of Minister Karen Ann Macdonald and the Bible….The sad part is they are probably right in this anaemic Christian world of "Lets talk about God but not walk with him"

Blessings upon any help you may feel compelled to offer

Please call the justice departments in your own communities and The Saskatchewan Justice Ministers number and email is
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