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Letter to Gerald Seniuk private man acting as Chief Judge
  -  June 29th 2006 A.D.

To: Gerald Seniuk the private man
C/o Saskatoon, Saskatchewan at the following numbers
Tel: (306)933-6682 Fax: (306)933-8008

To: Gerald Seniuk the private man acting as the de facto chief judge of the de facto Provincial courts of Saskatchewan.

From: Minister of Christ Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger
C/o, State of Awareness, British Columbia no code non commercial

Dear Gerald, normally when lawful matters are before lawfully sanctioned courts the subjects are closed and exchange of relevant info is discouraged if the matter has yet to be lawfully decided, however situations occasionally arise that require the lawful involvement of the Queen.

The clerks of the courts are in possession of a policy manual that states, "The court, sanctioning its lawful operation, must possess and have present as its founding document a letters patent King James Bible." The Coronation Act of the British Parliament of 1688 that is still in force in Canada has as its whole purpose the defence of the faith and the Canadian Royal Style and Titles Act confirms this, also being supported by the Westminster Confession of Faith from 1646, it too being an act of Parliament covered by 126 of the Canadian Criminal code. Approximately one thousand one hundred and twenty six years have passed since King Alfred the Great declared the Ten Commandments the law of the land.

To be brief Gerald, I, officiating in my ministerial capacity, wish to know if it is your intent, to be providing the true allegiance you swore to provide in law when taking your office, by maintaining the sacred provision and lawful sanction of the Bible as the rule of law in all of her Majesty's Courts?

Will you provide lawful reason for the removal of this ancient Lexum from her majesty's courts?

Will you tell me why and how in law an artificial court, being one that has no Bible authorised by the Queen and a judge that does not believe in it, can possibly be still sanctioned by the Queen?

What kind of court is that, what law statute or regulation fostered it, and by what or whose authority was it enacted?

In order for an independent judiciary to be trusted they must not act as if above the law, in defiance of their oaths bound in law to the Christian monarch, of the commonwealth. Chapter 22 of the Westminster Confession of Faith is clear as to what a lawful oath is. Will you sit above the law?

I look forward to your non-evasive and honourable reply dedicated to the true allegiance you swore to provide the Christian Monarch, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor the anointed of God.

Minister of Christ Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger

Offered in honour and totally motivated in defending the King James Bible as my standing.