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How to call the devils bluff!!! Or blow your faith whistle!
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Important Ministerial Notice to all professed allegiantsby Minister of Christ Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger o Wednesday November 13, 2002 at 12:34 PM 1-306-542-8181 C/o Church of Ecumenical Redemption International , State of Awareness ecclesia, near Heaven, , no code non commercial

This Important Notice is a wake up call to all professed allegiant imposters of her majesty's power and to all those men and women that like to complain but never take the time to read history law and to find out how how to protect themselves

.Formally in in duty:To all private men and women and those acting as defacto public entities.. Regarding the Church property being claimed as known as: NE-31-53-1-w5th Caveat Emptor !!!!

Informally to all November 13th.2002 A.D. From Minister of Christ, Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International Heatherdown Ecclesia Near Onoway Alberta, Canada no code non commercial

Please accept this as a formal ministerial communication in performance of a function of my calling and protected by law!!. Print this off and deliver it immediately as I am performing a function of my calling as a minister of God, a member of the clergy of God's church and I hope you will not unlawfully obstruct my attempt at communication by using poor excuses for deleting this historically important unprecedented communication. You may refer to 176 of the Canadian criminal code to see what you will be violating

Dear flesh and blood men and women with hearts beating that have taken an oath to her majesty, I am addressing you as a Christian minister and under the provisions of 176 and 423 of that code which is your law and code that applies to you, I hope you will in integrity aid me in performing a function of my calling in asking those of you who have an oath of allegiance to her majesty, to release to me, the one with authority under section 176 asking , copies of your oaths of allegiance to her majesty.

This demand comes under section 337 of the criminal code when you entered into the contractual trustee relationship with the Queen in taking your oath. Section 336 also applies in this request if you should deny the law that has purview over you ,the Canadian Criminal code. If you fail to display good faith to this Christian minister declaring his sovereignty and power of authority you openly without excuse violate those sections of the criminal code 176, 423' 336 and 337 and if you tend to encourage the ignoring of the code you invoke mandamus and promote conspiracy bordering on sedition compounded with treason. section 46 and 60.

You also violate the Canadian Charter rights , Alberta Charter of human rights and freedoms the Canadian human rights law and the International United Nations accord on human rights if you fail to respect my religious faith in honoring only true allegiants. You violate international contract law! You brazenly violate your own oaths to uphold the law.

Some of you may think "who is this guy?" and "What does he think he is doing?" I am a man practicing my faith in God's word and right as a minister of God to not be ruled nor subjected to any law or laws or those attempting to enforce such law or laws not of God contrary to God's law and imposed by non allegiant un sanctioned officers of her majesty's court. It is my duty to declare them imposters!!!

You swore an oath of allegiance to be truly allegiant, a servant of her majesty.

126 of the Criminal code that applies to you as part of the governing body of the bankrupt fictional corporation known as Canada that has been in receivership since 1933(Section 32 of Canadian Constitution)orders in council April 10th 1933

126 of the CCC says if you violate an act of parliament you go to jail! Read the oath of allegiance act. Read the royal Styles and titles act. Read the regency Act, read the statute of Westminster, read the 1646 confession of faith as you certainly all need it! '

'Try not to trust any lawyer you ask about this as they re mostly imposters and fodder for jokes at the bottom of the ocean. They are in a monumental conflict to provide you with unbiased information they will directly be the ones to suffer as a result of the truth regarding them not knowing what their oath means nor intending to provide that true allegiance sworn to and as such is irrefutable they are imposters!! But most of all read the Coronation act and ceremony there's much more there than meets the eyes but careful reading will reveal all! If you do not know what that allegiance you swore you would provide faithfully and truly, and what it means how can you serve her and provide that allegiance?

Do you know the Queen is in place and sworn to defend and uphold the laws of the King James Bible?

What did you think you were swearing allegiance to??

To break them??

Can you lawfully openly discriminate against me by ignoring me because of faith and integral religiously mandated questions of monarchial significance??

Can you make me accept you as impostor's??

Can you prove I am a slave??

You will be ignoring me because of my religious beliefs as that is what my purpose in performing a function of my calling as a minister of God is. It is to ask first for authority truly sanctioned by God's law and to make sure of all things and the path I set foot on.

Surely you do not think you can ignore that logic can you??

Your de facto registration of me is in fraud, void and you have been noticed and served via the principal. Notice to principal is notice to agent, notice to agent is notice to the principle! and you have no "entitlement". look for my notice in the Edmonton Journal newspaper regarding your false oath and my disclaimer of your non allegiant un sanctioned authority over this man of God and his family in the sanctuary of their Church!!!! I can think of no other way of saying it .

You simply are imposters if you will not reply to my ministerial delegated question of true allegiance. You are allowing this imposter Douglas Hughes tacit consent to do what he is doing if you do nothing. You have been informed he is an imposter has harassed me had violated my beliefs and has colluded with a imposter master at the Edmonton law courts with the notable name Funduck, a false official of her majesty, along with another imposter and fraud a man calling himself master who is called Quinn. I will produce witnesses that will give testimony and evidence that a man or woman that does not know what they swore allegiance to can not be a true allegiant . It is an impossibility that needs no examination as it is stare Decisis.

But experts will be produced as soon as a truly allegiant court of her majesty is formed in Canada! I am waiting! No true understanding of the allegiance =No valid oath =no valid sanction 126 CCC again The act of parliament? Constitution act 1982 section 15. Read section 32 again to see how it only applies to government not people as flesh and blood.

In 92 (a) of the BNA(3) Nothing in subsection (2) derogates from the authority of Parliament to enact laws in relation to the matters referred to in that subsection and, where such a law of Parliament and a law of a province conflict, the law of Parliament prevails to the extent of the conflict. The law of the English parliament the Coronation Act says the Bible is the rule of law!! That right cannot not no never be transcended nor given up by the monarch lest she abdicate the throne.

Read your oaths.

If they are not in line with the oath of allegiance act they are void!!

If you take another you violate section 126 of the law that applies to members of the government.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

If you do not know what you are swearing to you are void of all sanction as you are incompetent by your lack of knowledge and have committed perjury .

The Governor General's Website says she is defacto! (Definition below) Why have we allowed an imposter to rule our country?
Can non allegiant men and women have any power if we question their allegiance and they refuse to answer?
How is that refusal acting in honor integrity and in good faith??
Do you have honorable before your name?

Please reply in your own words as to why the word defacto is used referring to Adrienne Clarkson as the Queens rep?

Why not dejure?

What is the Governor General's position in Government?

Canada is a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy. This means Canadians recognize The Queen as our Head of State. Canada's 26th Governor General, (Defacto letters patent Mackenzie King)the Right Honorable Adrienne Clarkson, carries out Her Majesty's duties in Canada on a daily basis and is Canada's de facto Head of State. Like many other democracies, Canada has clearly defined the difference between the Head of State and Head of Government. The Governor General represents The Queen who is the Head of State is appointed by The Queen on the advice of the Canadian Prime Minister The Prime Minister is the Head of Government is the leader of the party with the most support in Parliament What does the Governor General do? The Governor General's role is built on six major themes: Representing the Crown in Canada ( how can she do that if she is defacto) Promoting Canadian Sovereignty (Via a false oath not upholding God's law as supreme) Celebrating Excellence (in Deception?) Encouraging National Identity,Fictional corporate bifurcations , National Unity and Moral Leadership

Did Mackenzie King have any thing to do with it when he created the defacto Governor General letters patent? He had no delegation from the Queen to do so! No not ever! Does this piece of factual history seem convenient to ignore as you are aware of it!

A crime has been fashioned in fraud against the men and women of this country by those who hold false office! Unless proof otherwise exists which it does not, the systems is bogus .

I as a Christian minister cannot accept a bogus court lawyer or any other servant officer agent of her majesty unless I ascertain their true authority first. I cannot assume!

There is no law that can make me give up possession of my Identity nor any other possession of mine to a defacto unlawfully sanctioned court.

Do you not get what I have revealed to you?

Are you to afraid to speak of this truth??

Have you been told to cover it up by deleting emails??

I must ask who and what I stand before first as they may be imposters. All those alleging allegiance need have no fear nor exhibit false insult by being asked as the Premier of Alberta's own foul mouthed lawyer did. His name is Sonny Mirth and when asked for the meaning of his allegiance when I was announced as a Christian minister, was observed violating his oath by saying to me a minister empowered to ask...... "None of your f***ing business" I then heard the phone slam down in my ear. This is the imposter and Ralph Klein's private lawyer who got big contracts from the municipalities and a puffed vile ego from dealing with other imposters.

I must of moral and religious duty report and point out that there is an imposter loose in the Queens employ and has no sanction of the Queen to act as an officer of the court.

I try to do this but the Edmonton chief of police is a bought man and refuses to reply and provide his sworn duty to enforce the law that applies to the government. I cannot conspire with an imposter lest I violate God's law and bear false witness and join the fraud I cannot be prevented in defending my right to God's law nor my faith to stand fast in it!!

The Canadian government is a defacto power!

I as a minster can only cede and bow to a truly allegiant power vested in God's law as Sir Edward Coke said that if the law of the parliament was not consistent with the ten commandments the law of the parliament to that extent was void.

Since when is coveting and false witness and not forgiving living up to those ten commandments.?

I cannot allow usury nor allow fraud as it was a false witness the bank perpetrated in my place when they bifurcated my name into a all capital commercial entity. I am no debtor but to God.

If you have power to force me outside God's law bring it on.

If you do not you have no need to reply other than provide me with copies of your signed oaths or good reason and authority as to why not!. I will repeat so you will know, I will take your lack of reply as tacit consent that you agree with me. Your duty as a true allegiant of defending God's laws is to aid me in delivering the truth as I am a minister empowered by the protection of your own statute 176 of the criminal code and 423.

You seem to discriminate against a minister of God who wishes to be open honest and only accept an integral man or woman to deal with. You appear to do that as you do nothing. You fail in your duty and is more proof of why I invoke 337 of the code as it is in appearance that you of the allegiant claim are all imposters.

Not one like Wayne Hatt ,a Justice of the peace at the Edmonton Law courts who immediatly responded when questioned of the meaning of his oath: " My oath is to uphold the laws of the King James Bible.

This is the answer that comes from a truly sanctioned allegiant of her majesty. Defintion of the following word is essential to grasp what has happened! de facto: --In fact, in deed, actually. This phrase is used to characterize an officer, a government, a past action, or a state of affairs which must be accepted for all practical purposes, lest abuse result from opposition, but is illegal or illegitimate.

Thus, an office, position or status existing under a claim or color of right such as a de facto corporation. In this sense it is the contrary of de jure , which means rightful, legitimate, just, or constitutional. Thus, an officer, king, a government de facto is one who is in actual possession of the office or supreme power, but by usurpation, or without lawful title; while an officer, king, or governor de jure is one who has just claim and rightful title to the office or power, but has never had plenary possession of it, or is not in actual possession. MacLeod v. United States, 229 U.S. 416, 33 S.Ct. 955,57 L.Ed. 1260.

An effective dictatorship where oaths are forgotten as soon as they are said and then buried with unlawful denial of acquisition of that property under 337 of the CCC. I hope you will not be lobotomized in opposition to this as if trying say black is white to defend the lie I have exposed and that this info will actually get you to start asking Questions.

We are being conned folks wake up to the fact that these men and women running our country are imposters and running to their courts of ill repute is not helping. You must put them onprivate notice that you expect dejure government and will not accept the defacto facsimile.

When a kid is throwing rocks at your window and you cannot catch them you go to your parents correct? The Governor General is an imposter rock chucker as the letters patent were never sanctioned by the Queen according to parliamentary procedure of the house of commons.

I have petitioned the Queen as the private woman not the person. Following God's law I can show know respect for persons: James 2:9

Who Are they swearing allegiance to?

Why will you continue to allow this??

Those of you on the BCC list Put your notices in the paper of your faith and beliefs . Do it before they start to discriminate against you! If you choose not to you openly tell them you accept their defacto authority without opposition. This tells them that they have your permission to proceed against you. ]

Is this what you intended??? Making excuses for not standing up for your faith and convincing your self that it is easier to lie down will get you a jackboot in the face or worse yet up the backside. What size will you order?? Will that boot be authorized by the Queen??

Don't forget it is your duty to educate the imposters of your faith and beliefs as this takes away their tacit consent you offered by saying nothing to them in quest about their defacto status! You need no lawyer or seminars to grasp God's law. It is simple. Obey it and be free from oppression or allow it's removal and invite slavery!!

You may have certain opinions about religion but you cannot argue that the Bible is what rules this country if exercised as it is the forming and foundational document of status in all proceedings of her majesty's courts defacto or not, and will set you free!!.God's law is dejure! It is put there for your defense and protection but is only effective if you believe in it enough to pre notice all of your intent in God's law. If you of free will, do not, you willingly become their financial serf and slave!!! I will come and speak to any group on this and other matters for free. I only ask that my travel and accommodation be provided as I am without secular work and have little in the way of funds I was informed today by the imposter attorneys for the Toronto Dominion Bank that I will not be communicated with. They have now severed my ability to conclude the sale of this sanctuary and Church. The man that hung up on me for asking to deal in God's law only was a Mr. Kneteman acting superior to the proud imposter Douglas Hughes of the apparently lawless firm of Mackenzie and Bishop of Edmonton. This denial of the this lawless firm to provide me with a truly allegiant accounting of what is actually, in God's law, owed upon the Church and property that is my family's sanctuary has caused me a extreme hardship as I have told the couple who is expecting their first Child that we cannot move as we have no accurate truly allegiant accounting of what is lawfully owing. They have given notice and their place is already rented they have to be out by the end of the month and we said we would only be held accountable under God's law no release implied.

It is not I as a minister of Christ who has caused this fraud and has invoked imposters to administrate this issue.

The TD bank was notified August 27th 2001 hand service that I could only accept truly allegiant lawyers to her majesty in defense of my faith in God and living up to his laws! We cannot proceed to put an offer on a house without a truly allegiant accounting of how much money we have to offer. The arrogant and foul actions of the vampirical imposters calling themselves officers of her majesty's court is finally catching up to them.

This includes you Jean Chretien . You are a traitor!!! You drafted the COCADA in 1982 for Pierre as a favor to the Queen so all were shown the enslavement and offered a way out via that act!

I am being denied truly allegiant justice in this country and it is because of my faith and religious requirement to not partake of mammon's laws! Usury as defined in God's law is different than what the criminal code says! False witness is what they have done to covet our church and it's value!

Which law do you think has control God's or mans?? God blesses the truthquester.

Minister of Christ, Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger C/o The Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International Near Onoway Alberta No code non