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Letter to assistant Taxation Commisioner re:Identity/faith
  -  December 19th 2003A.D.

The private man doing business as the person
Jean Chartier
Assistant Commissioner
Revenue Canada 555 Mackenzie Avenue, 6th flr South. side
Ottawa Ontario
Dear Mr. Chartier,

I hope you will consider my diligent efforts to communicate with your superiors and agents in British Columbia, not in their public fictional capacity but in their and your private non commercial capacity, as to my specific religious beliefs and reasons regarding my definitive name and address .

Canada has only jurisdiction over it's lands and can only use it's law against those who occupy those described lands that accept a de facto government and that they are a part of that government as section 32 of the Charter of rights and freedoms, your law, spells out in simple English.

A memorandum of agreement is a contract binding on those who are incorporated into the structure that is bound by the agreement. The memorandum is not law! It is binding on the government's, not flesh and blood people.

British Columbia is not part of Canada's lands. The Surveyor General describes what Canada's jurisdiction is and it is not the provinces. My faith in God tells me a judge or an official of the Queen must be integral. I know as you do there is corruption in the courts. I cannot violate my faith and automatically accept a court or official that may be bogus. This is still a democracy is it not? I can still ask questions before I understand can't I?
IF a man or woman will not tell you what the legislated meaning of his lawful oath to the Queen is, they are ignorant of the law and committed perjury when they took that oath.

The Canadian government has openly admitted it is de Facto. The Governor General says so on her website. The world bank Canada's creditor describes de facto as usurped power, unlawful, abrogated constitution, coup de' tat or other measures outside the law.

I hope you have figured out how you can tell me to violate God's law as I just do not think you have jurisdiction over the living as I am not one of your all capital commercial fictions. I am God's minister and will accept no mail addressed to a legal fiction and commercially coded, or any other alteration of my name as it is forever copy written.

Please do not disrespect my faith and belief. My Turban of faith is worn by the Queen whom you swore to bear true allegiance to. I hope you know there is legislation regarding what a lawful oath is.

Sincerely to the man,
From God's minister in faith and truth,

Donald Christopher Carter Copywrite Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International Cariboo ecclesia