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Faith and Standing south of the border!
  -  Sovereigns' verses inferior Commercialized Courts within

the entire sub-Corporatism STATES/TERRITORIES


By Ed Brannum 12/05/05

I am writing this document to all the Patriots that have fought the long hard battles in today's Commercial Courts to find out it was all wasted time and effort and most leading contenders are in prison. I am so tired of watching these good men and women go down just because they have this tunnel vision that they know they are smarter than these Commercial Court British Agents called Attorneys. It makes no difference how smart you are in a 10 x 10 cell.

You cannot stand as a living man or woman American sovereign of God in today's fictional corporate courts acting without the people's creator God. God does not deal in fiction. He deals only in truth. Therefore I re-iterate: THESE ARE NOT YOUR COURTS SO STAY OUT OF THEM. OR to survive you must stand as a sovereign of God under international Treaty law. If you do not take God into a court with you then by entering without His veil of protection into the dark side is very dangerous territory for believers. Non-believers have at it; your turn comes at the end when you appear before Him the Judge over all Judges to go through your part of the Book of Life.

"[u:48f437f03c]When you have ridden a dead horse for five years or more it is time to dismount and get you a new live horse". By Ed Brannum[/u:48f437f03c]

Try riding with the republic of Texas; it's alive and well. To my neighbors outside the Nation of Texas; your State is a republic from the beginning so do one simple act by standing up as a sovereign and take it back by claiming the land.

The UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT was officially Commercialized in 1871 under the United States Statutes at Large 419; FORTY FIRST CONGRESS SESSION III; CHAPTER 62, 1871; CHAP. LXII. -- An act to provide a Government for the District of Columbia.

Special Note (Read the last sentence) Section 28. And be it further enacted, That the said legislative assembly shall power to create by general law, modify, repeal, or amend, within said District, corporations aggregate for religious, charitable, educational, industrial, or commercial purposes, and to define their powers and liabilities: Provided,

That the powers of corporations so created shall be limited to the District of Columbia.

So how do they come into your house and arrest you and drag you into their religious rituals when they have no authority outside of the District of Columbia (DC)?

Answer; You VOLUNTEERED AND BECAME USA PROPERTY by signing onto commercial contracts with the Demons. Such as Voters Registration, Passports, Birth Certificates, Drivers license, and all other documents where you become a registered Federal Employee such as signing under penalties of perjury on the 1040 form and contributing to the biggest scam ever in North America; the so called INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE INC. (IRS). Also UN-BE KNOWING to most of you; you gave your children away upon their birth to these same Demons. Who is going to tell your children they are not free that they are nothing but property of the STATE. If you're not telling them maybe before they end up in prison for violating one of the 60,000,000 million US laws with color, your worshiping 501-C3 IRS controlled church fathers will tell them the truth. Don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen either.




In order to gain immunity for any type of organization's top managers you incorporate and make everyone fictions or just pieces of paper. Under the Corporate rules of today no living man or woman can take any action into a commercial court without a representative acting in the corporation's behalf. These are called 3rd party Attorneys. Third parties usually are after the fact and do not have 1st hand information. These Attorneys do not need to know law. They only need to know court procedure because you are already guilty from the start and all that is left is HOW MUCH can they get (bottom line theft) from the living body thats standing up for the corporate fiction name on the paper in front of the black robed ritual thief or so called judge.

On or about 1971 in Texas and probably every where else the plea of innocent was removed. Why? Because in any court setting of today you are in a commercial court and can only appear and be heard as a corporate PERSON with Attorney. A corporate PERSON is a piece of paper and cannot plead innocent. Only a living man or woman can plead innocent therefore everyone going to court as a defendant is guilty before being proven innocent.

When the living man or woman stands as a sovereign the courts have no contract to attach to the commercial paper with the all CAPS fiction name on it therefore no jurisdiction. If the court continues to move against you then somewhere or somehow you the sovereign have given the court a contract with presumption or assumption Jurisdiction and there lye's its contract. Appearing in Court is a contract in most cases. To survive you must get away from the dead horse you have been riding and get on a living one. Dead is opposite from living just as daylight and dark therefore you must do something opposite of what you have been doing. There are over two million prisoners in North America and every one of them had an Attorney. Lotteries have better odds for winning.

What happens if a sovereign files a court action in a commercial court? Answer NOTHING: A sovereign cannot be recognized in the Corporatism Courts of today. A sovereign can only deal in a Common Law court. Like the republic of Texas common law courts. These are the people's courts. Common Law and Treaty law are superior to all the so called Constitutional Charters of the corporate world. To file a court action in today's inferior courts you must file as a Corporation against another Corporation and if you are acting without a 3rd party Attorney the court does not have to hear anything you enter or say. A Corporation cannot legally represent itself. They always ask: "Where is your Attorney" or state "If you do not appear on date so and so with an Attorney I will hold you in contempt of court". These things can not be said or mean anything to an American standing as a sovereign outside the corporate court and under Treaty law.

me By Ed Brannum

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