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Letter by Minister Crischuk to the Conservative Party
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This fifteenth day of the twelfth month

in the Year of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus,

the Christ, two thousand and five

To Whom It May Concern:

Re. persecution of a minister of God

Currently, a case is before the Provincial Court of British Columbia where the accused and defendant is CRISCHUK, KAZ C and the plaintiff is HER MAJESTY or THE MINISTER OF NATIONAL REVENUE.

Please note that I, Kazimierz-Czeslaw: Crischuk, the living moral soul, spiritual minister created by God have notified the private men and women sitting as judges, the private man, Clark Burnett, acting as the federal Crown persecutor and the private men, Paul Brisson and Darren Wilms, acting as agents of Her Majesty, all of the above men and women having sworn an oath of allegiance to Her Majesty, of my religious beliefs prior to the commencement of this court case. I have also, as is proper and within God's Laws, notified the said men and women that I deny any corporate existence and that I am not and cannot be the named accused and defendant.

I have reasonable grounds to belief and I do belief that the said Paul Brisson and Darren Wilms have conspired together with or without the complicity of other men and/or women to prosecute me, the living moral soul, for an alleged contravention and offence under the Income Tax Act because I have been labeled and profiled as a "tax protester". They allege that the said accused did prepare a false statement on an income tax return by claiming a deduction for the costs of the labour given to a taxpayer by a living moral soul.

In a letter prepared and signed by the said agents admitted the duality between the taxpayer and the man, stating that the claimed deduction for the [man] entity was not allowable under the Income Tax Act because he was not a person to which a deduction would be permitted. Then on the fifteenth day of December of last year, I requested that both said agents respond to my questions and that we meet to discuss the matter. They did not respond to either my letter or to the suggestion for a meeting.

Case law, which I make no use of but merely point out to you, has already decided the issue of the duality between the taxpayer, an artificial entity, a corporation, which is not defined as a man or woman in the Income Tax Act, and the man or woman bearing a similar name but spelled, in the former instance, with all capital letters, and in the latter, spelled in Upper and Lower Case as taught in school and substantiated by the people at Public Works and Government Services Canada - Translation Bureau in their book, The Canadian Style - A Guide to Writing and Editing.

The Case law is MNR/HM v Phil Naudi, British Columbia Provincial Court and MNR/HM v Dr. Gerry Bohemier, Manitoba Provincial Court, among others. In these cases, the agents of the Canada Custom and Revenue Agency were unable to make a nexus (connection) between the taxpayer with a social insurance number and the man, both having a similar name.

In the recent Federal Court case of MNR/HM v Roger Ellingsworth, the judge ruled that it was not lawful for agents of the CCRA to demand unfiled income tax returns be filed by the accused unless it was for the enforcement of the Income Tax Act. Evidence was provided that the information to be supplied by Ellingsworth on his income tax returns were going to be provided to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for their criminal investigation. In discovery, the accused lawyer, Stephen Cook of Thorsteinsson & Co. managed to draw from the CCRA auditor an admission that the Special Enforcement Program of the CCRA has, as one of its express objectives, the investigation of criminal activity. Therefore, the judge ruled that the demand for the filing of the income tax returns was not for the proper administration of the Income Tax Act. He dismissed the case against Ellingsworth.

Internal documents brought to light in various income tax cases have shown that those labeled "tax protesters" will receive special treatment and will be prosecuted to the ultimate degree of the law. Thus, by the presumed association between CRISCHUK, KAZ C and Kazimierz-Czeslaw Crischuk and the label of "tax protester" being given against the taxpayer, CRISCHUK, KAZ C, I, the man have been singled out for "special treatment".

The said agents and the said Crown prosecutor could have filed charges in the provincial court more than a year ago but chose to do so so that the said accused could be arraigned under an indictment rather than under summary proceedings in order to impose the maximum penalty under law. This is an obvious abuse of the administration of justice and abuse of power utilized by men and women who have a specific agenda, which is not the administration of the Income Tax Act.

It matters not to these private men and women that I have advised them of my religious beliefs and have asked them for their true meaning of their oath of allegiance to a Christian woman acting as their Monarch, they are proceeding against me despite their oath to obey God's Laws and the evidence that the income tax return in question was prepared in good faith and with the knowledge and understanding that the taxpayer and the man are not one and the same.

I had also notified by registered mail my religious beliefs to the private man, John McCallum, who acts in the capacity of the Minister of National Revenue, the private man, Irwin Cotler, who acts in the capacity of the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada and the private man, Michel Dorais who acts in the capacity of Commissioner of the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency asking the men if they would tell me if they had the authority to intimidate me to violate my religious beliefs. None has responded to date.

It is obvious to me that I have been singled out for prosecution and persecution for the express purpose of trying to convict me so that any incarceration would be a deterent to those who might express similar religious beliefs.

minister Kazimierz-Czeslaw: Crischuk

all rights reserved under God's Law