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Matt Lozinski's Letter of Reply to a man acting as an RCMP
  -  Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International December 30, 2005 A.D.

From: Minister Methody Lozinski
C/o General Delivery Hyas Saskatchewan,
no code non-commercial

To: The private man E.W. Summerfield acting as chief superintendent RCMP
c/o "F" Division Bag Service 2500
Regina Saskatchewan
No code non-commercial

Dear Everett, I am communicating to you the private man so no confusion takes place. I received some communication purporting to be from the legal entity bearing your name that was sent by the commercial office of the RCMP in Regina to a Ms. Methody Lozinski. There is no Ms. Methody Lozinski. That letter bore your corporate name but was not signed by you and as it was sent from Regina and you are in the Northwest Territories I assume you never saw it to provide your signature.

This raises the Question: Do you even know the letter bearing your corporate name was sent or are you aware I as God's minister never communicated to the de facto commissioner of the RCMP?

Are you aware I only communicated to the private man Guiliano Zaccardelli in his private capacity?

Has Guiliano given you the impression you have authority to expend public tax dollars on private matters? Can you show me the law that provides for that?

I am writing to you privately as I cannot show respect to the persons created by the de facto government you work for.

You as a private man swore you would be faithful and bear true allegiance to a Christian monarch entitled as defender of the faith, If you do not know what that oath means when asked you simply cannot provide the true allegiance you promised you would and as such provides irrefutable proof you lied to get your job.

I cannot communicate with impostors being those who lied to get the job or those who are incompetent to practice the enforcement of law as only those who know that law are to be with the authority.
Ezra 7:25-26

The lawful meaning of your oath can be found here
It is in force law, having never been repealed, and is the definitive parliamentary law regarding the authority of the Woman styled as defender of the faith. How can you be truly allegiant to her if you do not know what the true allegiance is?

This is why I communicate to you privately as I cannot show respect for de facto governments and false oath takers. I can only communicate to men who stand in God's Kingdom and I as God's minister cannot respond to government letters and government employee's attempts at creating a nexus between the de facto commercial entity and me the minister of God.

It is simply a violation of my faith and I am sure you will not wish to involve your private affairs in such serious matters of intimidation treason and extortion.

I realize you are not aware of these things so I thought it fair to inform you in good faith that my communications to Guiliano were private but now he seems to have invited you to expend tax dollars on his private issues. I believe you will find that is against the law as was your attempt at mailing a non-commercial letter with a postal metered stamp. The Canada Postal Corporation Act states in section 11 of the regulations that only postal metered mail is to receive a postal code yet you applied no postal code to that postal metered mail. There was no cancelled stamp on that letter also a violation of the Canada Postal Act.

Our addresses as ministers of the Church of Ecumenical Redemption International are not inclusive of postal codes and cannot receive mail from commercial entities that according to law use only metered commercial mail. We are not commercial entities and your attempt to breach the corporate barrier was unsuccessful as the mail is returned opened in error returned to sender for fraud and breach of trust.

I hope you as a private man will realize my intent is to only communicate with private men and women as public entities are immune from liability in the corrupted courts of man. The private liability and public indemnity bonds are of purpose to effect a fair method the private men and women who may have been damaged by the private actions of public employees who have exceeded their public law and authority hereby bringing damages to the rights and freedoms of the Ecumenical Redemption International ministry.

Please bring this private communication to the attention of the private man Guiliano and ask him if it was his intent to de fraud the Canadian government by expending public dollars on his private affairs.\\

You may also wish to ask him if he wishes you to act as his private agent in this matter and as to how he plans to pay you for your time.

I thank you so much for your immediate attention to this misdirected affair and it is in my prayers that you may realize I only wish to be left alone and to have the unlawful de facto intimidation ended.

Blessings upon your perception of my ecclesiastical purpose and intent.

Minister of the Church of Ecumenical Redemption International
Methody: Lozinski

C/o General Delivery Hyas, Saskatchewan
No code non commercial