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The government of BC is a corporation?
  -  I got this in an email...

This is a letter to Premier Gordon Campbell of British Columbia.....

Dear Sir,

I am an Educator and Defender of Universally Recognized Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and work under Declaration of the
United Nations General Assembly.

I am greatly concerned that all evidence shows your government to be a pure corporation and therefore, de facto, meaning it is "not founded on law".
This status is confirmed by the manner in which your "government" identifies itself as the "government of the Province of British Columbia". The
capitalization of the first letter of a generic geographic term changes the terms of reference to that of a corporate entity. Further, the fact that all of
your Statutes are copyright protected, makes them private intellectual property and not public laws.

Further, all of your Statutes relate only to corporate entities created by those Statutes, although the majority who read them are decieved by one of
the most commonly misused and confused words of English, the word "includes", employed in every Definition/Interpretation Section of those Statutes.

Most readers misuse the word and think it connotes "only part of the whole", when in fact a synonym of the word is "comprise". Also, the French
word equivalent is "comprise". Confusion is likely created because of the significant change to the scope of the word by simply adding "ing", which then
connotes that it may be "only part of the whole".

Still further, there are two Legal Maxims relative to the usage of the word:
Expressio unius est exclusio alterius - "Expression of one thing is the exclusion of another"
Inclusio unius est exclusio alterius - "The inclusion of one is the exclusion of another"
In other words, if only one thing is "included" then everything else is expressly excluded.

By using this deceptive word, people are caused to believe, that the term "person" (amongst many other words) means a man, woman, or child, when in
fact it means: "a corporation".

Kindly respond and provide undeniable proof that your "government" is lawfully constituted and not 100% corporate.
If you fail to respond, it will been seen as your tacit admission that your "government" is a pure corporation and not a true and lawful government.
This tacit admission relies on the substantive rule of law; principle of justice and equity known as Estoppel, in this particular instance, Estoppel by Conduct.

Thank your for your time

David Butterfield