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Private Constructive Notice about bogus courts in BC
  -  Yes I know David Butterfield who apparently sold out

to the taxman according to witnesses in court.

This might be a good reply,,
Private Constructice Ecclesiastical Notice

RE: Criminal Breach of Trust, Public Malfeasance, Treason.

Attn: All Media, Private men and women occupying the de facto offices of Supreme Court Registrars, Judges, Masters, Attorneys, Notaries and the Attorney General of the Province of British Columbia.
It has come to my attention and I allege, that the de facto office of the Attorney General of British Columbia, has been operating two "Supreme
Court Systems" in the Province of British Columbia. This practice of operating two court systems has also been done by his predecessor, the private men acting as the former Attorney General Ujjal Dosanjh. This is a serious Criminal Breach of Trust under their own de facto law , R.S.C. 1985, c.C-46, S-122, S-126, S-139, S-346.

The First and most commonly used de facto Court system in BRITISH COLUMBIA goes under the name " THE SUPREME COURT OF BRITISH COLUMBIA" and uses a "seal" and wording under the same name. This Court is NOT styled pursuant to the "Supreme Court Act of British Columbia", and is not bound to protect the rights of the Citizens of British Columbia, or seek Justice for the People. This is what is known as a "FICTIONAL COURT".

I allege that this is a fraud and is a treason against the people of the province of British Columbia.
The Second "Court System" operated by the Attorney General, is called
" The Supreme Court of British Columbia" and has a "seal" and wording under the same name. This is the True "Common-Law Court" of the Province, as it is bound by all Legislation, including the 1960 Bill of Rights as well as the Magna Carta.

Section 2(1) of the Supreme Court Act RSC 443-1996 states," The Supreme Court of British Columbia is continued under the name and style of the "Supreme Court of British Columbia". Section 7(1) of the Act States, " The court must have a seal bearing Her Majesty's Royal Arms and the name, "Supreme Court of British Columbia" and other words that the Attorney General considers necessary."

It is the private men and women who act as "Registrars" that direct the Litigants INTO the "ALL-CAPITALS FICTIONAL COURT", The directing by the Registrants into this Fictional Jurisdiction, where it is known that they will be DENIED their common-law rights as a man/woman, is criminal breach of trust and is public malfeasance and is subject to serious penalties under section, 122, 126, 336, & 341, of the Criminal Code of Canada,

I allege that this is also Treason. I, __________________will be, under protest of threat duress and intimidation, swearing a private criminal information and a writ of summons against the private man acting as the de facto Attorney General of British Columbia,

Who wrote this ??? I only altered it to what is acceptable to erase their assumptions you have made use of or accepted mans law.