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Judicial Notice of Intent
  -  00030494AC Judicial notice of intent April9th2001A.D.

t is under threat duress and intimidation I offer this notice of the present and future good faith and intent of the man that comes before the Canadian courts provincial and federal being of sound mind and of an expert capacity in matters such as being before the court and this man under God as his savior and creator is in truth declared to be known by his birth record name in correct English grammatical form and no other than such form as Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger and relating to no other record of the name other than that which is live birth record verifiable via the vital statistics record under the authority of Barry Haugrud in Edmonton, director of records for vital statistics being recorded in a grammatically incorrect form, a violation 366 of the Canadian Criminal code and being recorded as born on the 29th day of September in the year of our Lord 1952, in the province of Alberta in its capital city of Edmonton as of this date the deponent herein proclaims and is stated for the courts notice that at this moment he is performing a function of his calling as an officiating minister of God of the Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International, living in the local of Onoway Alberta. No one is offered permission to alter any record, inclusive of my name, in any form or fashion without my hand authorized written consent. I offer the allegiant and non allegiant agents of her majesty and the courts inclusive no consent or permission to assume or presume my intent is of a negative purpose as my intent is hereby declared in truth and is of good will as follows and is displayed by such words of intent . . .

The intent of the character and nature of style of Queens and Kings and the power of their oath is sacred; their persons are inviolable; they are the anointed of the Lord, and vested of powers by virtue of their office. Their power is broad based upon the Will of God, and not on the shifting whims of the people's will . . . They are to be spoken of with exulting reverence, instead of being abused by official public disdain, and by the very allegiants sworn to them. It becomes a sacrilege to violate their persons, dignity and style, and every indignity offered to them, be it in denial of allegiance, a word or act, becomes an indignity offered to God Himself. It is this view of Royal rule and style, sanctioned via a coronation, that alone can keep alive, in a scoffing and licentious age, the spirit of ancient loyalty to justice. It is that spirit begotten of faith, combining in itself in obedience, reverence, and love for the majesty of Queens and Kings which was at once a bond of social union, an incentive too noble daring, and salt to purify the heart from its grosser tendencies, preserving it from all that is mean, selfish and contemptible. Our present Queen, like all other British Monarchs over many centuries, has also sworn these Oaths. The Statute for Settling the Coronation Oath was passed by Parliament at the beginning of the reign of William and Mary, over three hundred years ago. The Coronation Oath Act of 1688 made it law the Statute of Westminster of 1646 an act of the British Parliament defines it's meaning in section 22.

King George III set the standard for the value, solemnity and lasting application of all Oaths, when he said:
"Where is the power on earth to absolve me from the observance of every sentence of that Oath, particularly the one requiring me to maintain the Protestant Reformed Religion".
"Was not my family seated on the Throne for that express purpose, and shall I be the first to suffer it to be undermined, perhaps overturned? No, No, I had rather beg my bread from door to door throughout Europe, than consent to any such measure."
"I can give up my crown and retire from power. I can quit my palace and live in a cottage. I can lay my head on a block and lose my life, but I cannot break my oath. "If I violate that oath I am no longer legal sovereign in this country."

In the same way, if a Parliamentarian violates his sworn Oath, he is no longer a legal member of Parliament. We owe it to our Queen and to ourselves and our children and grandchildren to hold our members of Parliament, judiciary and all agents of the crown to their Oaths of true Allegiance. Otherwise, their true allegiance is no longer to the Queen , Canada, nor to the people of Canada, but to some powerful foreign commercial masters in the United Nations who demand illicit allegiance with threats of Treaties and International Law.

Such disloyal Parliamentarians and judiciary are happy to take us from under the Common Law protection of the Christian Monarchy, and put us into slavery under the non-Christian United Nations.

The unwritten rule of the court in separating itself as truly allegiant to the Queen and from God as Supreme is like saying true justice flies with only one wing and it has the self ordained right to sever her majesty in two! The Biblical priest Melchizadek, the arch type, demonstrated that true justice imparts both aspects of rule, Church and state.

The court in attempting to use the quote "Give unto Caesar that which is Caesars" would by intent, compare a Roman pagan God to the Christian defender of the faith, this again is sac religious, blasphemic and contemptuous of her majesty's court. Roman's 13 is of the fact that Gods judges were ministers of God. Any minister of God when asked if they recognized the supremacy of God would loudly and proudly proclaim yes! .

All receiving this notice, are to take note of the prime reasons and my intent as a minister of God in asking the agents of the crown, being lawyers judges justices and masters etc. of this province, or elsewhere I may come before them, is to demand their acknowledgment of their allegiance to the Queen as defender of the faith when asked, with intent of proud defense of the royal law that is in every court room in Canada by royal letters patent, and in acting out my faith in God as supreme. My intent is to ensure true justice transpires to be fair and integral as in God's law. This also being written recorded and accepted as true service by the clerk of parliament and recorded as being the intent of the parliament via the preamble to the Canadian Constitution Acts of 1981 and two and supported by section 32 of that act stating that the charter of rights and freedoms as the supreme law of Canada only applies to the government as defined in section 118 of the criminal code and the interpretation act . All those that wish to classify themselves as government, federal and provincial or members of the Canadian body corporate and debt, in all of their authority of man's law may do so. As the Queen was given advise and consent by the Lords spiritual and she cannot commit blasphemy in stating mans law is superior to God's. The preamble and the royal law is the law for the people not of the classification as government or members of the body corporate known as Canada. The Canadian federal and provincial governments law is section 1-60.

The coronation oath of 1953 established for all men and women of a competent capacity becoming or already members of the Bar, that the Queen is a Christian monarch bound to uphold the laws of God and that all who become allegiant to her are in recognition of the royal law as supreme and of it's author's supremacy. The court or any agent of her majesty when failing to acknowledge it has an oath of allegiance to the defender of the faith and recognition of the supremacy of God relieves itself from sworn duty and reverts itself to a private man or woman with no more judicial authority than the sovereign inheritance of birth.

Unfortunately for those truthful brave souls that confront the appearance of a court with these ultimatum queries, the appearance of court is still in a position of usurped, unauthorized by the Queen, power, to commit further treason by partaking in a conspiracy to overthrow her majesty's government under God and offering threats of violence enforced with guns to any who ask the questions of the court as to it's capacity and true authority to convene and establish jurisdiction.

My intent is to verbally and spiritually convey to the semblance of a court in Canada or abroad, and establish in front of witnesses of good record, the purpose of the judicial system is to impart justice under the guard and watchful eye in defense of the faith, of her majesty Queen Elizabeth the second of England. It is necessary and sanctioned by my faith and duty as a minister of God to display my intent is, as her majesty's style, to preserve the judicial good name of God and the continued convention of his integrity, whose hallowed halls of justice must maintain to keep the reputation and validity of the of the Canadian courts Authority in check.

Please, in a display of good faith, by way of reply, acknowledge understanding and receipt of this notice and any rebuttal by affidavit to a failure on my part to establish the truth and primarily my intent before the court! I am not a member entity or person of the body corporate known as Canada. I am a man under Gods rule and no other. I cannot, of faith and duty to God, recognize the fiction of a court attempting to operate without acknowledging, when asked of their allegiance to the Queen and recognition of it's own supreme law. Gods royal rule of law is as proclaimed in her majesty's royal law the King James Bible..

I proclaim this without any reservation or contempt for the court convened under God as I am a minister of God of declared faith being Christian. As her majesty is in defense of the faith and her majesty proudly administers such defense, being the foundation of the court, I cannot by faith or belief be in contempt of that man or woman which, by their own lack of respect and recognition of duty and allegiance to the Queen and failure to recognize the supremacy of God, establishes in fact for all to see that it, as a court bonafide bearing jurisdiction sanctioned by oath, clearly does not exist!!!.

Asking Questions of the court is religiously and lawfully mandatory to establish in faith the Authorised jurisdiction of the court, albeit the contempt is committed by the man or woman acting as the court failing to provide in signature or verbal an oath of true allegiance or recognition of God as Supreme.

To date of memory, in this case,0003-0494-AC, Justice P.T. Costigan and Justice J.W. McClung have failed to deliver the property of their signed oaths of allegiance which validate their authority, to the writer as of demand ,via 337 of the criminal code, exercising authority as a minister of God in defense of the faith and acting as applicant/agent for over 60 men women and children of the Kilini Creek/Patricia Hills area in Alberta counties of Parkland and ,Lac Ste. Anne that will be negatively affected, in a material manner, by the SDAB decision of Lac Ste. Anne county.
It is in the intent of my declaration and authoritative questions put to the court to make clear to all, by the courts answers, or lack of them, a knowledge and comprehension of the structure of the courts authority. As it has been witnessed, that the semblance of her majesty's courts, presided over by these gentlemen imposters, has consistently without reason or explanation refused to acknowledge the courts royal allegiance by their lack of a positive response to the question "Does this court bear an oath of allegiance to her majesty the Queen defender of the faith?" In complication of it's own error the court further fails to acknowledge and recognize the supremacy of God. In an arrogant display and denial of royal true allegiance to defender of the faith and the supremacy of God, that established, implemented, and oversee's the Canadian courts authority, both justices have tacitly declared they have no allegiance to her majesty and possess no jurisdiction in the matter and all such orders or decisions rendered by them are void ab initio.

When a non allegiant man or woman, to the Monarch of Canada of Christian heritage, posing as a justice, judge, master, or officer of the court, in form of court of her majesty's authority, proceeds against you when there is no damaged party ,without your permission, with force, guns, and punitive measures, that is treason!!! The unauthorized court has declared war upon the people using the Queen as their Champion. The release of a positive answer by the court to the test of integrity ,offered by the appellants would establish jurisdiction and the court would relieve all parties of confusion caused by the action of perceived treason on the part of the court against the people.

I intend no contempt for court as I as a minister hold God as supreme and as I in defense of the faith and belief hold God as supreme and having and holding faith in my spiritual father as God and as the founder of the court I cannot be in contempt. Those that choose to flagrantly disregard their oaths of true allegiance vesting authority of the court established under her majesty with God as supreme are the ones in contempt. Treason is to threaten with violent force in attempting to usurp the royal power using the appearance of the Queens authority when it is not in the possession of the one using the force of violent nature. It is my intent to convey that threatening the people or those who asks such legitimate questions of the courts jurisdiction, authority or legitimacy in a matter, with contempt of court for asking those questions as I , the deponent was, with being a guest of her majesty in jail is wrong. Justice McClung committed this observed act of treason upon myself in court room 515 April 4th 2001 A.D. at response to asking the questions of allegiance and recognition of the Supreme law . In receiving no reply in acknowledgment of jurisdiction I then correctly assumed the court had no jurisdiction, was a private party attempting to contract with me, which I in defense of the faith and the people I stand for declined to accept in front of witnesses who have filed affidavits of testimony and witness to this action of treason.

I thank you for your sincerity in acknowledging and recognizing my faith, is in God as supreme

Minister of God

Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger

Please CC: To all of the below listed parties of particular interest

The Hon. Chief Justice C.A. Fraser
The Hon. Justice J.D. Braccio

The Hon. Justice J.W. McClung
The Hon. Justice M.M. Hetherington

The Hon. Justice H.L. Irving
The Hon. Justice C.M. Conrad

The Hon. Justice J.E.L. Cotéé
The Hon. Justice E.A. McFadyen

The Hon. Justice A.H. Russell
The Hon. Justice W.E. O'Leary

The Hon. Justice E.I. Picard
The Hon. Justice C.D. Hunt

The Hon. Justice R.L. Berger
The Hon. Justice A.B. Sulatycky

The Hon. Justice P.T. Costigan
The Hon. Justice A. Fruman
The Hon. Justice N.C. Wittmann

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