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Letter to RCMP re: Banksters fraud September 2002 A.D.
  -  September 24th 2002 A.D.

To Irv Englehart the fleshly man acting as an sworn true allegiant of her majesty the Queen and of true service in the duty of Staff Sergeant and member of her majesty's RCMP detachment in Stony Plain Alberta.

From minister of Christ Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger

Dear Irving

Excuse me if I have not got your name right I am not doing it for a commercial purpose but for lack of knowledge. My apologies.

As you are aware the issues I raise are of immense concern to the financial institutions and judiciary across this land. The revelation of these truths regarding the fraud the bank committed will have a devastating affect on the economy if not introduced in the proper manner. There is no dispute as to the evidence I have presented, as it is the Queens imperial law. The corruption that has enslaved our nations Irv are as history tells us originally in moneychanger's philosophy, yes the bankers.

This information that the banks commit fraud has been around for quite a while and has been successfully proven on the US. This cabal that they the bankers have created has through money bribes successfully infiltrated the highest offices in the land inclusive of the RCMP. This is more historical than intentional, as our people in their insecurity always have gone to those who had money to ask for some in return for their labors.

Thing is you cannot loan what you do not have and that is the trick they have pulled on you and every other member of the RCMP who ever got a loan or a mortgage.

We have no Gold to give the money value and the bank of Canada has told me, and I do so aver as a Minster of God that they said they perform an exchange for your promissory note, funds for theirs. Equal exchange. That is not a loan.

I have sent the man imposturing as a lawyer for the Toronto Dominion Bank one Douglas Hughes a simple offer as it seems he and his client, and the courts he is conspiring with are in commission of treason in ignoring the law and are in extotive measure threatening me as a minister of God and the Church I defend.

This offer is made under threat duress and intimidation and is quieting the already paid principle in observance of inflation and accruing of inflation over the years between October first 1986 and November 1st 2001. It is my calculation that over those years the inflation on the original amount borrowed after all the principle that has been paid and what is in excess of that principle has been paid is ten thousand dollars this figure is inclusive of costs . This is the amount of money I am prepared to pay these extortionists to have them leave this Christian minister and Church alone in peace. This offer, to be clear, is to pay inclusive of costs the remaining inflationary rate of 2% year over 15years $68,00.00 borrowed = $20,400.00
$97.00 A week for 52 weeks = $5044.00 x 15years =$75,660.00 paid to the principle, $8160.00 in excess of the principle

Original principle $37,500.00 1986
Loan $ 5,000.00 1989 Car loan Paid in full
Powerline $25,000.00 1997
$67,500.00 total exchanged
-$ 5,000.00 1989 Car loan paid in full plus interest
= $62,500.00 total exchanged for our note

$75,660.00 paid in payments
- $62,500.00 exchanged
= 13,160.00 paid in excess of total principal

2% inflation a year on $62,500.00 = $18,750.00 ( Notice no start date for total and no degrading principle in calculation) - $ 13,160.00 paid in excess of principle
=$ 5,590.00 balance of accrued inflation after excess of principle payments over 15years has been applied and deducted from the accrued inflation of the original principle compiled with the powerline which came much later in 96.

The bank has received the total amount of their funds back. We are in Christian observance committed to not participating in usury as you represent nor fraud. As we did receive substance for the transaction we are compelled to offer it back as we have done. The substance is subject to inflation as is the alluded to money. This is the logic and religious faith being applied in trust and honor. We do wish your acceptance of the offer in termination of whatever agreement you feel may have been valid, as we cannot proceed beyond our faith and the laws of God.

We are willing and have offered the man acting for the TDCT $10,000.00 as a contractually terminating offer in religious truth and honor to cover inflation error and costs that may have been incurred as a result of this hardship and unfortunate occurrence.
The Toronto Dominion bank through it's unlawful agent Douglas Hughes has tentatively vaguely accepted in conversation to my wife as of yesterday morning.

It is with our sadness and indignation we could not receive the truly allegiant and hallowed halls of her majesty's courts for our defense but as you as a integral man saw first hand I have been deliberately prevented from gaining that advantage.

It is my good faith and prayer that you in honor of the integrity the oath yopu swore to is to stand for will urge your masters to review my offer and encourage you to not violate the Nuremberg principles of obeying masters who are invoking immoral and unGodly acts and in conspiracy to commit treason

Thankyou for your time Irv and hope we can in good faith resolve this issue in honor of her majesty's Golden Jubilee.

Of the ministry of Christ our saviour and redeemer

Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger
Church of the Ecumenical redemption International
Near Onoway Alberta no code non commercial