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Letter to the Late Lois Hole Lieutenant Governor Feb 2002

To Lois Hole the Private Woman acting as the Honorable Governor General for the province of Alberta in defense of the faith of her majesty Queen Elizabeth's Coronation Oath.
C/o Holes Green House St. Albert, Alberta. February 6th 2002

From : Minister of Christ
Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger
C/o Heatherdown ecclesia of the Church of Ecumenical Redemption International
near Onoway Alberta

Dear Lois, I talked to you last spring after you were so kind to call me at home regarding the actions of a so called Master W.J,Quinn of Alberta's Court of Queens Bench who committed constructive treason in front of myself and three other witnesses in Masters Chambers in the Hermary case Ni Si order for sale. I have also served you with Notice regarding the actions of Ray Bradley and others in the Hancock staff as well as federal jurisdictions.

To spur your memory of our conversation regarding Mr. Quinn, it was his comment "What do I care about treason and the Queen I'm Irish and have a tough neck" that prejudiced my ability to proceed as a Christian minister in that matter, a violation of 176 of the Criminal code. He also failed to offer me the property of his oath when I asked him, a violation of 337 of the criminal code. He also with his comment's and his court ordered sale of Mr. Hermary's property also was intent on violating section 46 of the criminal code as well.

The man I was speaking as his minister for , Mr. Philip-Emile: Hermary, had his house illegally seized and sold by the issuance of orders from this non allegiant man. Can you allow his continuance in treasonous attitude in duty of your oath? The transcripts were altered to reflect the omission of the Queen and treason and tough neck comments. I have discussed this with the other witnesses and they will testify as to what was omitted from the transcript. Mr. Hancock's office is not helping and neither is Katherine Fraser or Ernie Walters or Allen Wachowich.

Lois have they removed the voice of the defender? Is not the oath taken for a reason?

Now this man Quinn who obstructed me as a Christian minister last year in the Hermary case is in collusion with the clerk of the court John Bachinski and the law firm Bishop and McKenzie who prejudiced me from filing my objection to this fraudulent process by after failing to acknowledge to me a minister of God performing a function of my calling to determine authority before I accept it, told me if I did not leave he would call security and have me removed. He John Bachinski did this because I insisted on his revealing his understanding of the meaning of his oath of allegiance before we could proceed in the lawful filing of objection in her majesty's lawful registry as I also in good faith pre informed the agent of the principle ,being the Toronto Dominion Bank, Douglas J. Hughes of Bishop McKenzie via email, telephone and even email from another law firm who dropped it because of conflict of interest who the passed on all the notice regarding my name and much more pre Notice to Douglas Hughes, agent the principle..

I had the Coronation Ceremony there and offered to show it to him but he was arrogant and vile and disrespectful towards me. He clearly discriminated against my faith and dutiful right to ensure his full and truthfully sanctioned authority of her majesty. He seemed rather bold in his blasphemy and treason in trying to force me to lose my church and home because of my adherence to the Biblical laws of no usury no false witness no covet and no theft. He was offering me a sarcastic smile as I left. He has been noticed in the newspaper and the court record of my faith and right to my name and yet he still altered it and has defiantly conspired to alter it with others for a financial purpose in fraud .

I have talked with Wayne Hatt a very knowledgeable man and a Justice of the peace at the Edmonton law courts, he immediately knew the meaning of his oath when I in duty of faith asked him, as to be upholding the law of the King James Bible. Please contact this marvelous soul to ask him how he knows this. Corroboration by one of this status is very reassuring as it give more credibility to what I have been telling you regarding the oath. He and the K division was kind enough to also have corroborated it is fraud to alter a mans name for a financial purpose without the permission of the man whose name has been altered and, that one who has no understanding of the oath has no sanction or authority of her majesty..

I cannot of faith stand in front of renegade Judges that have no respect for her majesty Lois and I need your help to fortify my faith in our constitutional preamble and your duty to protect it.

The nations of the world have been brought into slavery to a few rich banking families because of a fictitious system called fractional reserve banking. I can show you much proof of this. It is a nice long name for fraud!!

We are approaching a release from this fraudulently created debt as per the bogus bank acts of 1913. Purely usury and the beginning of world debt. The Bank of Canada is privately owned corporation since 1913 and a vampire to our peoples and countries life blood as per it's connection with the creditor the World Bank and IMF.

The imposter collection agency that was created with bogus law and has no true certified act on file with the clerk of the senate, as per senate Bill S21 and S22 is the CCRA the blood collectors for the Creditors having no certified law that is called the Income Tax Act on file. This means it is fiction and a private organization committing crime. Ask Mr. Audcent of the Federal senate Library if he can provide you with a true certified copy of the Income Tax act. Ask if it is imperial law?

How can the Coronated King or Queen pass law that is usury a violation of God's law??

She never did, it was governor in council committing treason but to cover their fraud and deceit they made every man and woman part of the body corporate as such under the laws of commerce and subject to tax..

Our debt is the only reason we have the income tax act that is what it was designed for.

The debt created by the use of the Shetar by the banks upon their supposed customers.

Interest cannot be paid back it is like borrowing time, there is no more at the end than there was at the beginning.

This is why I stopped paying after 15 years of payments to myself. I unaware funded this so called loan with my promissory note as is value backed with my Bond which has me listed as a surety for the national debt that was created by fraud starting in 1913.

This system substituted the Gold, that it stole from our once rich country, with our children's souls in place of the Gold in 1933. Ask the Governor of the Bank of Canada what gives value to the money in Canada. Then ask him how? How does he get permission from the people to list them as sureties and bond them and their children's energy without asking?

This is human bondage Lois and we must be directed out of it as the European system has shifted to precious metals currency.

We must also write off the loans unilaterally to these disgustingly rich bankers and zero out debt.

The wealth and prosperity of a zero interest government owned bank as was in 1912 is the only way out of the despot's control.

This will, at last, offer fair banking practices with no usury but service charges for exchanges and brokerage. No more usury is what is needed.

The banker creates cash out of thin air and need's no gold to back it. I can do the same with my promissory note no need for a banker to swindle me. My note always retains the value stated. Time does not alter..

Lois my family and our Church are being prejudiced from getting fair proceeding by the Edmonton law courts, the employee's attitude their to one of faith is disgraceful and I have observed conspiracy in treason in quite a few matters and would be of gracious appreciation to have the ability to be able to meet with you regarding this unprecedented threat and concern to her majesty's grace and defense of the faith. I am being stonewalled by everyone else in a seemingly vast conspiracy and I know you take this matter seriously and have heard the ruth in my words.

I thank you for your time Lois and God Bless your decision

Hoping to hear from you soon

In clear site of the truth and in works of faith am of defense of that faith and right to ask for it.

Minister of Christ Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger