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News Release 22nd November 2002 re: Fraud and discrimination
  -  A lawyer name of Douglas Hughes was observed yesterday

the 22nd day of November to perform an act of religious discrimination in intent to intimidate this minister to violate his faith and belief in the laws of his God. This was in violation of criminal code section 126 section 176, 336 and 423 of the criminal code.

In an amazing display of the Toronto Dominion bank's arrogant attitude and money ethic that has enslaved our nations and people, three members of the Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International did witness a defiant and premeditated act of religious discrimination in the offices of Bishop and Mckenzie 10104 - 103 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta Tel: 426-5550 on Friday November 22nd 2002 A.D.

The agent for the TDCT principal and noticed board of Directors,. in this conspiratorial and fraudulent affair, is Douglas Hughes ,a junior for the evidently lawless firm of Mckenzie and Bishop in Edmonton Alberta. His superior and supervisor being a Mr. Keneten who in similar distasteful fashion has shown remarked dissatisfaction with the religious position of the Church regarding the purpose of his oath, and acted discriminatory to myself as a minster in my faith and belief that is the same as the Muslim faith, regarding Usury and God's law the Ten Commandments . "Thou shall put no other god's before me". This first commandment need closer examination to grasp why my faith is adamant in right to erase presumption in true testing of who is holding the seat of law.

Only a foul imposter of deceptive dark quest will fail the question of integrity that this Christian minister asks. All true allegiants know that Mr. Keneten refused to speak with me and refused to offer me, in my performing a function of my calling as a minister of God, a truly allegiant accounting of what is in truth owed to the Bank. He did this in knowledge that I as a minister have signed a sales agreement to sell our home and sanctuary of God, with "all rights in God's law reserved, no release implied" written clearly over my signature. This was done in front of witnesses and fully explained to all parties present as to why I did that, was to protect my religious faith and position from the failings of presumption.'

I did with diligence and with zealous repetition, perform a function of my calling as minister of God in revealing all the true terms of the contract and agreement to sell our sanctuary to Wendy and Ken Kloeck of Stony Plain Alberta . I did with diligence and repetition inform the imposter

I did also offer, on that same date along with the purchase related purpose of giving it, from my hand in good faith in exposure of the truth, did gain acknowledgment of receipt of that Coronation Petition to the Queen into the hand of the prospective buyers. This offer was intensive and in good faith and regarding the religious faith and beliefs of our Church and faith . All the information as to why I, as a minister for the church in my religious conviction, cannot pay into usury nor support fraud by paying further to the criminal activity that supports this deception.

This offer and reception of that Coronation Oath Petition of right by the Kloecks was on approximately October 10th 2002A.D. at the sanctuary of our Church and temple in diligent effort to make them aware of all the terms regarding the sale of this sanctuary of God.

Myself as a minister, and two members of the Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International, went to see this man Douglas Hughes of Bishop and Mackenzie who did without excuse commit a fraud against our sanctuary and did bring this false claim before a man called Funduck posing as an Master agent of her majesty in her majesty's Edmonton Alberta law Courts, masters chambers. I say posing , because I as a minister informing others of the gospel of Jesus Christ and in defense of same acting under protection of the Queen's Coronation promise in the criminal code section 176, 423 and section 15 of the Charter of rights and freedoms applicable to oath sworn governing officials only, and my right to defend my faith and claim God's law, was physically assaulted at the request of this Master imposter Funduck on August 8th of this year .

This imposter Funduck in his civil authority in a alleged civil mortgage proceeding as a Master imposter did this malicious and illegal act apparently because I was performing a function of my calling as protected by 176 of the Canadian Criminal code in the full view of witnesses, and in ensuring God's law was supreme in the proceedings and that a true allegiant was presiding. I in good faith and duty asked the master Imposter Funduck to tell me in my ministerial function the meaning of his oath so as to verify in the eyes of two or more witnesses as to his true sanction and authority of the Queens law, the King James Bible.

He refused to reply and I in faith and duty asked him again. He upon hearing me in my defense of God's laws and 423 and 176 sanctioned attempt to perform my announced function as a Christian minister, again with knowledge and with seemingly premeditated action did encourage and command the bailiff to forcibly and physically remove myself an announced officiating member of the clergy from the court and in such act obstructed my self from performing my function. I was obstructed from not only performing my function as a minister regarding the so called a civil proceeding that 176 of the criminal code speaks of that I as a minster am immune from but was obstructed from receiving God's truly allegiant justice as promised by her majesty in her own Coronation oath to uphold the laws of God with all of her power!

I have filed a complaint with the city police about this imposter and traitor but they failed to enforce the law because they say "we are all equal but some of us are more equal than others". The Edmonton police finally with grimace admitted that I could not charge a judge with violating the criminal code. I had to complain to the Chief Justice Allan Wachowich regarding this religious issue and the arrogant disregard of his subordinate Funduck. His response was that he and many other judiciary do not share the same view that allegiance to her majesty has something to do with upholding the laws of God.

He as Chief Justice wrote to me as a Christian minister and was made aware of the religious reasons for the true and acceptable formation of my name and address and that my quest was to uphold God's laws and that my faith in God demands only truly allegiant justice.

He as a Chief justice of Alberta seems to think that his judges club can make up their own oath of allegiance and meaning that is comfortable with commerce. If that is not true why is he as well deliberately obstructing her majesty's defense of the King James Bible in the proceeding that is involving the sanctuary and Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International. I question this as he is not curbing his imposter after noticed he was violating the criminal code in a civil proceeding !!!!

I will repeat that so all are clear and will make no mistake. The Chief Judge of Alberta Allan Wachowich who addressed me as a Christian minister and in doing so recognizes my status as being immune from civil enforcement without lawful authority to over ride the criminal code, if I am a recognized minister in performance of a function of my calling. A mortgage proceeding is a civil proceeding presided over by a performing civil administrator, his judicial powers are strictly civil ! He has no power over 176 of the criminal code in enforcement of a civil proceeding.

The Civil enforcement officers have no authority to violate criminal code.

Master imposter Funduck in his civil authority has no power to obstruct me in my performance of my calling in ensuring he is a true allegiant.

My process and purpose, as a minster of the Christ in defending my God's laws and his people in holy faith from the actions of the money changers and their fraud is for the common good of all. I have standing on that supported by the Queen in her own sworn duty of that same regard.

This is a fact supported by the Charter of rights and freedoms that has authority over them that take that oath (See Section Preamble to see God's law and section 32 for those who want to be Government.

Why is awareness of this crime once exposed to an allegiant of her majesty and subsequent inaction of that so called allegiant, aiding and abetting the unlawful and treasonous actions of Master Imposter Funduck?

He knows this is a religious matter as I have verified that with him yet he allows the violations of the criminal code to continue by the civil actions of an imposter? He also ignores my petition to the Queen. Now I would be a criminal by mans law if I in knowledge with witnesses failed to report this crime. Those who without explanation ignore their duty to enforce the law, violate their oath to uphold it and the rule of law of priority is God's law of the Queens defense as of in God's appointment of Kings

Douglas Hughes the imposter lawyer and religious discriminator was in full witness to this unlawful an action of the defiant imposter Funduck. There is no malicious slander in defending God's laws here, and there is no defamation in telling the truth as to the actions of these traitors to her majesty's government of the King James Bible. I will take oath to God, and do so at this posting that my truth here posted, is in purpose to defend God's law, his sanctuary, and my family in Christ from the imposition of ungodly acts and violations of his law encouraged and initiated by the Directors of the Toronto Dominion Bank and their imposter lawyers who defy their oaths.

This action of religious discrimination if allowed to continue will destroy the fabric of honor and integrity that composes God's law and rules this commonwealth. We will become the fodder of commercial law that's main purpose is to enslave and bring all into debt!

I was in front to two whole hearted witnesses threatened coerced and intimidated by Douglas Hughes to not practice my religious belief in not paying Usury nor participating in a fraud with the Toronto Dominion Canada Trust Bank.

I was, as a minister of God, threatened and intimidated by the imposter lawyer Douglas Hughes in full view of two witnesses and members of the Church congregation and was intimidated by being told that the Sheriff would be induced to act with RCMP upon the power of an unsigned order by this Imposter Funduck, to throw my family out of our Christian sanctuary into the snow..

Take note all private parties acting as professed allegiants of her majesty! It is my duty as a minister of God and to my family of followers to diligently ensure I am not confronted with imposters endeavoring to impose a fraud upon the Church and discriminate against out rights to believe in the words and teaching of Jesus and the sanctity of defense of God's law.

I will be in my ministerial capacity as a Christian defender of the faith and in performing a function of my calling be requiring signification of a true understanding of what true allegiance to a Christian monarch is of all professed and suspect uniformed and plain clothes agents that may wish to trespass upon the property of God's sanctuary and Church and will be in function and performance of my ministerial duties expecting all such localized civil enforcement activity within the vicinity of the Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International shall be in respect of God's law and no other as supreme. Any attempt to violate the sanctuary of God's Law without first hand verification and proof as to the veracity of any order signature and the alleged authority of a true allegiant to violate God's law will be considered an act of fraud, intimidation and extortion attempting to have us vacate our sanctuary and temple by threats of imposing authority that is false.

I am deployed and adjured by this faithful defense of only accepting a true allegiant by the words of the oath that all took. If any of these accused and alledged allegiants can explain, to me as a minster and the rest of the world watching, how, one who promised via oath to aid her majesty in providing that true allegiance to her duty can authorize a violation of that law and discriminate against a man's religious beliefs in God.

Any information by anyone but especially the Alberta Sheriff the imposters Funduck and Douglas Hughes that any thing in this notice and news story is incorrect or in violation of any of God's law please notify the writer. Any ability to violate God's law in the Queens name is also requested forthwith to be forthcoming from such professedallegiants and if in doubt of God's law they will be immediately deemed incompetent n the lawe and imposters. They will be asked to leave and if they attempt any enforcement activity and in denial of fait notice will be encouraged by more direct fashion.

I and my church members wish to avoid confrontation as it is to be made clear to all who may wish to take note this is a matter of a violation of the criminal code by all officials attempting to enforce a civil matter.

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