Church Minister confronts Judge

Bill Glen
Friday December 21, 2007
December 13 became Donald Gordon Friske's unlucky day when he confronted
Judge Marilyn White.
The judge had asked the courtroom if any matters were unaddressed before
calling a recess. Nothing was mentioned until Friske suddenly came forward
rattling a handful of papers, stating he wanted to ask her a question.
"I am appearing under duress and threat of intimidation," Friske said. "My
ministerial calling does not allow me to bow to false gods."
On Nov. 19, *Leduc* RCMP received a call to assist an Alberta *sheriff* in
distress on the northbound lanes of the QEII near Glen Park Road. Friske had
been pulled over and was resisting arrest. When the RCMP arrived, he was
taken into custody without incident.
The 54-year-old from Prince Albert was charged with a number of offences,
including obstruction of a police officer and possession of marijuana under
30 grams. He was also charged with operating a motor vehicle without a
subsisting driver's licence, registration and insurance.
He was arrested for outstanding warrants from the Edmonton Police Service
and remanded pending a psychiatric assessment.
Friske told the judge that she took her oath under commercial law. "Do you
follow God's law," he asked.
"I am not here to discuss my oath of allegiance," White replied.
Friske continually interrupted the judge as she attempted to obtain his plea
to the charges.
"Don't interrupt me, sir," she said tersely.
Court heard the charges against Friske, and twice Judge White asked him "How
do you plead?"
Each time he replied "Can I ask you a question?"
White refused his request and entered a not guilty plea on his behalf. When
Friske once more asked the judge, she said yes. "Are you a follower
according to King James?"
White simply told him she does not disclose how she follows her life.
"Do you know the true meaning of your oath?" Friske insisted.
White ignored him and a trial date for July 21, 2008 was eventually set.
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