August 2007

Good faith Notice of agreement/contract/covenant and understanding.  Claim of right and fee schedule.

 Michel Dorais, Commissioner of the CRA


To: The private men and woman , Michel Dorais ,Stockwell Day, Vic Toews, and Carole Skelton pictured above in order and acting in de facto capacity as the Canadian commissioner of Revenue, The Canadian Minister of Public Safety, the Canadian minister of Justice, and the Canadian Minister of Revenue.


Michel Dorais the Private man

The man acting as the

Sworn allegiant Commissioner Chief Executive officer of the CRA

7th floor

555 MacKenzie Avenue

Ottawa Ontario

No code non commercial


Stockwell Day the Private man acting as the Honorable, sworn allegiant, Stockwell Day Minister of Public Safety

The private man Stockwell Day, acting as MP, P.C.
Suite 202, 301 Main Street
Penticton, BC no code non commercial


Phone: 613.995.1702

Fax: 613.995.1154


Phone: 250.770.4480


Fax: 250.770.4484



Vic Toews the Private man acting as the de facto sworn allegiant minister of Justice, Honorable Vic Toews for the commercial government of Canada

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario

No code non commercial






Web Site:*



Carole Skelton  the Private woman

acting as the sworn allegiant  Honourable Carol Skelton
Minister of National Revenue and Minister of Western Economic Diversification
7th Floor
555 MacKenzie Avenue
Ottawa no code non commercial






Web Site:

904E 22nd Street West,

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Constituency office



Hello gentlemen and woman, I am  a Minister of Christ, Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger, a creation of Jehovah the one God, and I am greeting you in the name of Yahushua the Christ.  I am, in this ecclesiastical effort, officially performing a function of my calling as an officiating minister of the Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International, Kamsack Saskatchewan Ecclesia.  This particular official function is specifically to privately gain an agreement and covenant of understanding with all you for our Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International membership for the mutual gain and protection of all concerned.  Matthew 5:25;18:15-20……


 I wish you all to be fully aware that in my ministerial capacity I can only accept mail in my correctly formed name from private men and women at general delivery Kamsack Saskatchewan.  It is agreed that all private communications by you to me the minister of Jehovah will have no postal code attached or alteration, of any type, of my name being on the envelope.  It is agreed and understood by all of you that any alteration of my name without my permission is unlawful and any and all attempts at service with postal codes or alterations of my name will be refused for fraud.

                                              Claim of right.

 I am of Christian heritage and wish you to be aware that it is a violation of my faith in Jehovah God’s commandments (Exodus 20:3-5)to bow to men and women acting as de facto gods, being the de facto governments of man creating statute law in addition to God’s laws and in derogation to his law. This is especially true when it applies to men and women who have no understanding of the established and in force law regarding their oaths of allegiance to the Christian monarch her Majesty the Queen.


              Notice of Understanding agreement and Intent.

It is agreed that a reasonable man or woman as a result of being unavoidably aware of corruption within the police, judiciary, and various political bodies of this country as I am, as of my duty to defend my Christian faith, and in an official performance of a function of my calling, am justified and even lawfully, as Jehovah’s minister, ministerially compelled to demand of you the private men and woman, as of the extreme ecclesiastical necessity to verify honor, to produce true certified color copies of your oath’s of allegiance, to prove to me, in my official ministerial capacity in , that you understand the true meaning of your oaths in law.


1.It is agreed that I offer these terms of agreement in quest of honor, upholding God’s law and to prevent untrue assumptions from prevailing, thereby, in this good faith contract, ending the deliberate unlawful intimidation and nuisance by your connected and concerted de facto departmental efforts directed towards myself and our Church membership.


2.It is agreed that in honor and for truth I am performing a function of my calling as a Christian minister in defense of the faith in making this ministerial demand that you deliver to me the meaning of the law, regarding your oath, that is still in force and further agreed that no act of terror nor threat of unlawful action can possibly be extrapolated from that demand in attempting to tarnish the image of the Church.


3.It is agreed that the facts will be evident that you are not competent to practice law, enforce law or intimidate men and women to violate their faith by submitting to a false god’s laws and taxation. It is further agreed you are incompetent if you do not know or refuse to provide the true lawful meaning of your oath to God to be truly allegiant to the Queen.


Please deliver to me your good faith and honor in stating your intent to uphold your lawful oath as defined in law.


4.It is agreed by you that one who takes an oath to be truly allegiant to a Christian monarch to get the job and does not know what their oath in active law means when asked, is indicating they are incompetent as they lied or were foolish when they said they would be faithful and bear true allegiance to a Christian monarch. Can you provide true allegiance if you do not know what it is? This is evidence of either incompetence or perjury in obtaining official status by a deception, and is also known as fraud.

Exodus 20:3-5 Leviticus 6:2

5.It is agreed by you that you will uphold your oath to support and aid her majesty to defend the standing of law of the King James Bible as the rule of Law defended by the anointed of God Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor and that no law of a de facto parliament can abrogate nor supercede a law of God Jehovah!


6. It is agreed by you pictured above that you honor your oath as an act of religious worship and that you accept I was born a male child in this land and lived here all of my days but am not part of the corporate legal fiction and debt ridden corporation known as Canada.


7. It is agreed by you, pictured above, with no rebuttal to the fact that I officiating as God’s minister, sleeping waking and walking on this earth, have standing in God’s Kingdom as I am irrefutably not a created legal fiction, corporate officer, individual person, nor debtor of that ungodly dead corporate body as I am a carnal creation of God. Ezra 7:23-25; James 2:9; Colossians 2:10-20


8.It is agreed by you, pictured above, with no rebuttal to the fact, that I am officiating as God Jehovah’s minister and performing a function of my calling as his steadfast servant in attempting in good faith to gain your simple private agreement to these facts and I do thank you for your humble acceptance of this privately offered covenant, supporting God’s law and freedom to practice it, via your good faith tacit consent of failing to rebut the agreed upon terms with a private reply and proof of error.


 9.It is agreed by all of you and understood with no dispute to the fact that you are now privately aware of my Christian faith and know that if you do not privately reply, without expending taxpayer dollars in fraud, to me Jehovah’s minister, to rebut our agreement privately, without using a postal code or public funds, with the Queen as witness, me as Jehovah’s minister, and the members of our faith, being the body of Christ, who will all observantly be witness to your collective acceptance of this covenant of good faith, and that you will act as my witnesses to those facts and terms of agreement should I need you to give private  evidence on the Church’s behalf.


10.It is agreed by you the private men and women that failure to reply in good faith will also be taken as proof positive, with no possible rebuttal, of your covenant and accepted agreement with all points of this irrevocable good faith agreement with me as God’s minister and the members of our faith.

11.It is agreed and understood by all of you as private men and women , who act unlawfully de facto as her majesty’s officers, that you are accomplice and party to the enforcement of taxation with de facto law, and have no sanctioned authority from her Majesty the Queen to intimidate and extort energies of men and women of the Christian faith, practicing God’s law, to violate their faith. Leviticus 25-KJV Thy shall not oppress thy brother.

                      Church Fee Schedule

12. It is agreed and understood by all of you so pictured above , with no rebuttal to the fact, that if any alteration in our names , like reversal or all capitalization, or further intimidation against me or the members and ministers of  our church to violate our faith in the laws of Jehovah  takes place , by any of the private men and women acting as employee’s of the de facto corporation of Canada,  that all of your private liability bond’s for a value of 1,000,000 one million dollars for each of you in gold maple leaf coin will be forfeited by all of you by your bonding or liability insurance agents  upon your default and posting advertisement news release and circulation of this agreement with to the Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International C/o of  ______________________________________ Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International chosen notary as per the stamp at the bottom of this notice notary indicating his office.


13.It is agreed by you that payment in Gold Maple leaf Coin will reposited to the account of the Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International having _________________________________________ as the primary Church appointed notary for the property of the Church.

14.It is agreed that no competent truly allegiant counsel is available for Church missionary. The man that has been fraudulently associated with a legal fiction assigned to the accused has diligently searched for truly allegiant counsel that is unfettered and not beholden to the plaintiff. It appears that only legal fiction persons are allowed to be counsellors and are those who have taken a solemn oath to bear faithful and true allegiance to support the plaintiff, Her Majesty the Queen.

15.It is agreed that men and women acting as  lawyers, sworn allegiant to and working for the plaintiff or for the man or woman, in this province are all officers of her majesty’s court and have a duty to see that defendants are punished for violating plaintiff's laws and to defend the faith and rights for those Christians whom may be imposed upon. Thus, the first duty of attorneys is to the courts as being oath allegiant to her majesty, not to their clients and when duties conflict, their duties to the court must take precedence.

16.It is agreed it is  impossible to obtain counsel that can present the Church's side of the conflict because an attorney's first loyalty is to the Plaintiff. The accused is not capable of  representing himself as a man of God before a false god. This former expression is being held as a ecclesiastically sincere position and is unwilling to waive his right to effective, unbiased counsel. Where can a lawyer be found who can practice de jure law in your Province who is free to effectively counsel the Church missionary and is not beholden to the plaintiff?

17. It is agreed that private men and women have taken "loyalty oaths" to act as Judges to support the laws of the  plaintiff. They are employees of the plaintiff and are paid large sums of money to enforce the will of the plaintiff. How can the judge be neutral and unbiased?


It is agreed that ”Canada and Provinces” their laws and regulations, we speak of herein, are corporate bodies of no living soul or body.


It is agreed the laws of dead bodies are for dead corporate bodies and the members thereof as per section 32 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

18.It is agreed that the failure to privately rebut and dispute this good faith agreement will mean in submission and understanding, by all parties to this private contract, that we have a good faith covenant of terms as indicated above and below but not limited to the agreed upon fact that the Authorized King James Bible is the Supreme rule of law with uncontested standing in  the courts of the  British Commonwealth and that  no intimidation by any man or woman using any law or judgment of men  to violate it’s commands in attempt to sanction their own authority  can be possibly seen as lawful.  Deuteronomy 4:2;12:32


Please get my name and general delivery correct as you cannot bifurcate it or falsify it for a financial purpose without my express written consent or full knowledge as to what your purpose was, and as of my faith I cannot accept legal fictions applied to my name, accept commercially postal coded mail or any attempted communications from dead in law legal fictions known as de facto officials


19.It is agreed upon and understood by you that all of you pictured above that  I and other ministers of our Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International, in the geographical Canada, are under threat duress and intimidation causing great discomfort by the various de facto agencies and various godless lawyer’s , of the de facto corporate Canada, to violate our faith and beliefs in the law, being the Commandments of God Jehovah,  as defended by her majesty the anointed of Jehovah..


20.It is agreed upon and understood by all of you pictured above that any and all attempts by any and all private men and women using commercial de facto incompetent legal fiction law and associated regulations to continue this unlawful intimidation and deliberate violation of our faiths freedoms, as defended by her majesty the Queen the anointed of God, will be seen as irrefutable  proof and evidence of your mens rea or to be clear, your guilty mind directed towards the deliberate unlawful actions of Intimidation, nuisance, blasphemy, breach of trust, perjury, obstruction of a minister, treason, sedition, conspiracy, fraud, impersonation, theft, extortion, all being violations of God Jehovah’s law, and as such constitutes your consent to acknowledging full and irrevocable responsibility for your total private liability for any and all damages, consequential discomfort and trauma  to our church ministry and it’s ministers .  Please see Leviticus 6:2-5 for the rule the Queen defends as well as Ezra 7:23-26


 21.It is further agreed upon and understood  with no rebuttal to the fact that all of you pictured above will privately  remit all the names of your private bonding agents or insurance agents via risk management and respective law societies, for the immediate remission of any and all monies and equity in your private possession that may required to reimburse the losses experienced by any and all Church members as a result of your admitted to de facto unlawful actions.


22.It is agreed with no rebuttal to the fact that I intend to stand in my faith regardless of your de facto attempt to intimidate me, should that be your private choice, as you will have no public protection from de facto incompetent lawyers as they are in conflict and I am addressing you as private men and woman.  You may wish to refer to the RonCarelli v Duplessis Decision of 1959. He lost. ( R.v.  McKibbon 1988. 45ccc  SCC). “competent counsel”   Ezekiel 33:6 is my duty in law to inform you of the hole in law you may step into as it will be to your own distress if you ignore my warning as I make no use nor gain benefit from mans law.


23.It is agreed and understood that I look forward to your un-rebutted good faith agreement in remembrance of Section 22 from the in force law of the Westminster Confession of Faith from 1646 and your welcomed silent testimony proving your awareness of my faith and that there is no law existing enabling or authorizing you or any one else to  intimidate me or any of our members to violate our faith in Jehovah’s law.   Psalms118:8


24.It is agreed and understood with no rebuttal by any of you  that I am of ecclesiastical necessity to demand that you produce “subpoena duces takem”  any true authority you think you have to intimidate me to accept any de facto process and if you do have that authority you will in good faith produce it!


25. It is agreed and understood by all of you the private men and women pictured above entering into this covenant with our Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International and I, officiating as God’s minister, that I will in twenty days time, if you choose to tacitly and consensually accept my ecclesiastical position and agree, be sending verified confirmation of our agreement witnessed by three members of the Church and the anointed of God Jehovah Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, to ensure good faith and  honor are present and no assumptions contrary to our faith can be applied


26. It is further understood and agreed upon by all of you as private men and woman, pictured above, that upon your signification of receipt of this, the final and irrevocably perfected private covenant of terms, we will be, in ecclesiastical duty and in performing an official function of our ministerial calling, posting and advertising this our binding irrevocable and mutually beneficial agreement between me as God’s minister and the members of our Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International to all sources pertinent to this situation of faith.  Matthew 18:15-20


27. It is agreed understood and there is no dispute to the fact that the gifts of God as mentioned in genesis 1:29  are what God designed for the use and benefit of his children and that no man has any sanction from the Queen or authority from God to criticize or take away any of God’s gifts as to do so is blasphemy and acting like a false god! Romans 11:29


28. It is agreed by all of you, with no debate, that no law of man can overthrow the laws of God Jehovah or is lawfully sanctioned by anyone to criminalize his gifts as defended by Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor anointed of God Jehovah.


                                            Default notice

Should you have any proof of any error in our collectively mutual agreement and ecclesiastical covenant please contact us immediately, lest you be held in default, in your private capacity. To avoid assumption, the spreading of falsehoods, defamation and unavoidable process as a result of your collective tacit acceptance of our agreement please reply if you have proof that the facts are incorrect or it will be accepted you have agreed that you the private men and woman have  privately accepted your full liability and private responsibility for your full liability for any and all damages and losses incurred by me the minister of God and any of the members of the Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International as a result of your negligence to honor and respect my faith and to provide the true allegiance you promised.







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