June 2008
Recently the term "de facto" was removed from the Governor General's official web page. Compare:

which previously said this:

What is the Governor General's position in Government?

"Canada is a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy. This means Canadians recognize The Queen as our Head of State. Canada's Governor General carries out Her Majesty's duties in Canada on a daily basis and is Canada's de facto Head of State."

Several archives and caches preserve and reveal the truth:

This archived from February 2007

More archives here*/

De facto means usurped, without law or authority
"the the people obey a contract as though there were a law enforcing it yet there is no such law."

compare de jure in the same article or here:

By right; lawful; legitimate. Generally used in contrast to De Facto; de jure connotes Ďas a matter of law,' whereas de facto connotes Ďas a matter of practice not founded upon law.'

De facto head of state