...another brother of mine is interested in your info and I
have been warning him to not bow to false gods apply to, register with or
submit to their corporate dead fictional law..

Can you explain to him how putting your name into a book that says at the
front if you do that you submit yourself to the jurisdiction of that book,
is exacting freedom??

Can you explain to him why the Talmud code being the UCC is preferable to
standing in God's law having no voluntary connnection with mammon which is
also known as commerce. Matthew 6:24

I ask this keeping in mind God's command of Deuteronomy 4:2 an d 12:32.


You see, I teach God's law and your faith are the most powerful
things you possess for a defense against mans code rules and regulations..

In this country all officers of the ship must swear an oath to a Christian
monarch who herself swore to uphold the bibles laws....They have no choice
if you tell them you cannot submit to their fraud and wish redemption from
it.Leviticus 6:2-5 covers that...and the Queens duty is to defend it.....If
yo do not bring it up properly in private there is no notice and nothing to

Matthew 18:15-20 covers the solution

I teach that if you make use of any of mans code rules and regulations you
have submitted to a false god and as such are recorded in mammons book of
the dead as an animal according to Talmud that you can read about at where you will see the US congress has already ratified
the Noahchide laws for authorises decapitation for
Christians......Are you a Semite or a Gentile? A man or a human.....human
is defined as godless...

Says in Talmud the gentiles are animals and are to be lied to stolen from
and destroyed. Taken advantage of as they would a beast.

The creditor for the US owns all the assets of the US as of the debt and
they own the registries which are evidence of their title over all who
submitted their names to those registries.

get the Gist?? Gist means understand,submit, bow down, Re gist means an
absolute submission of property to the hands of another and it is written on
paper for evidence of the title...

Lacking knowledge of the word registry has confused the best of scholars and
millions of students...

So who owns the UCC registry?? Men,, private businessmen....They own the
World Bank.

They own you. So please enlighten my brother as to how registering in the
record that proves you have submitted to mans rules, denying God's first
command, is going to save him from the one world order...

I love my brothers and sisters and as you say on your main page no one
should use the info to decieve others..

So in light of your own words and the facts prevailing that the UCC is owned
privately and admits it is a false god on the first page ,,,,why encourage
brothers to submit themselves to it??

God's first commandment was first so we would not get off track and be
swayed by the lure of money and false gods.....

Can you show my brother that your process is in line with Biblical
teaching,, as Torah is the rule for those who own the corporate countries of
the world and all of their goyim registrant constitutors.

Leviticus Chapter 25 proves my point if you read the chapter in
detail....That offer by God was accepted by the Isrealites, and the Askenazi
Jew of the tribe of Esau who rejected his birthright, has taken it very

Christ called them the Synagogue of Satan....vipers,,,,decievers,,,

Are you aware of their attitude towards goyim???

Blessings upon your reply...

Definition of Human Being

Are you a 'person', an 'individual', or a 'human being'? *These words, at
law, define you as being spiritually 'dead.'* This is how the world makes
its attachment to you.

The terms, 'person', 'individual', 'human being', etc., are not in Christ.

Words like "individual," and "human being" do not even appear in Scripture!
These are 'created' terms by the natural man (1 Cor 2:14). These words
describe the ' *old man*', but not the '*new man*' in Christ (Col 3:9-10).

In * Balantine's Self Pronouncing Law Dictionary, 1948, page 389* , *Human
Being* is defined as "See Monster." On page 540 of this same Law Dictionary,
*Monster* is defined as "a human being by birth, but in some part resembling
a lower animal."

In *Webster's New World Dictionary , Third College Edition, 1988, pages
879-880*, a *Monster* is defined as "a person so cruel, wicked, depraved,
etc., as to horrify others."

From the *Random House Dictionary of the English Language , 2nd Edition,
page 901*, *Human Being* is defined as a "Natural man: unenlightened or *
unregenerate*," and on page 1461, *Unregenerate* means "not regenerate;
unrepentant; an unregenerate sinner; not convinced by or unconverted to a
particular religion; wicked, sinful, dissolute."

In *Webster's New World Dictionary , Third College Edition, 1988, page 657*,
*Humanitarianism* is defined as "the doctrine that humankind may become
perfect *without divine aid*."

In *Colliers New Dictionary of the English Language, 1928 *,
*Humanitarian*is defined as "a philanthropist; an anti-Trinitarian who
*rejects the doctrine of Christ's divinity*; a perfectionist."

And in the *Random House Webster's College Dictionary, 1990, page 653*, *
Humanism* is defined as "any system or mode of thought or action in which
human interests, values and dignity predominate, especially an ethical
theory that often *rejects the importance of a belief in God*."

Therefore, when anyone calls himself or herself a 'human being', or a
'humanitarian,' they are saying (according to every definition of these
words, and according to the law), "I'm an animal; I'm a monster; I'm not
saved; I'm unrepentant; I'm an unregenerate sinner; I'm not converted; I'm
wicked, sinful, and dissolute; I'm cruel, depraved, unenlightened; and I
reject Christ's divinity and the importance of a belief in God."

"Individuals [Bondman] rely for protection of their right on God's law, and
not upon regulations and proclamations of departments of government, or
officers who have been designated to carry laws into effect ." *Baty v. Sale
*, 43 Ill. 351." [Codes, edicts, proclamations, and decisions are not Law,
which define or regulate the Good and Lawful Bondman. Therefore, title 42
"law" suits are ungodly, and are the redress for and of human beings, i.e.,

The Septuagint uses the term "human beings" only *one time*, and its meaning
is identical to the above definitions. Let's look at the last verse of the
book of Jonah, where Nineva was full of men who were unrepentant,
unregenerate, unconverted, wicked, sinful, dissolute, cruel, depraved,
unenlightened, rejected the importance of a belief in God. Or, in other
words, "human beings."

"and shall not I spare Nineve, the great city, in which dwell more than
twelve myriads of *human beings*, who do not know their right hand or their
left hand...?" [Jonah 4:11 (Septuagint)]

The "human beings" of Nineve did not know their right hand from their left
because they did not know the Truth and were lost. They did not know God,
they were separated from God. However, those human beings were willing to
turn from their ways and learn the things of God, so He spared that city
from destruction.

The term "human being" is also synonymous with the term 'natural man.'

"*The natural man is a spiritual monster*. His heart is where his feet
should be, fixed upon the earth; *his heels are lifted up against heaven *,
which his heart should be set on. *His face is towards hell*; *his back
towards heaven*. He loves what he should hate, and hates what he should
love; joys in what he ought to mourn for, and mourns for what he ought to
rejoice in; glories in his shame, and is ashamed of his glory; abhors what
he should desire, and desires what he should abhor." [*Thomas Boston, quoted
in Augustus Toplady, Complete Works (1794, reprinted by Sprinkle
Publications 1987), page 584*]*.*

And the Word confirms:

"But the *natural man* receiveth *not* the things of the Spirit of God: for
they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they
are *spiritually
discerned*." [1 Corinthians 2:14,]

The above verse witnesses to us that the natural man is spiritually dead.
The 'natural man' in Scripture is synonymous with the 'natural person' as
defined in man's laws.

"*Natural Person* means *human being*, and not an artificial or juristic
person." * Shawmut Bank, N.A. v. Valley Farms, 610 A. 2d. 652, 654; 222
Conn. 361. *

*"Natural Person:* Any *human being* who as such is a legal entity as
distinguished from an artificial person, like a corporation, which derives
its status as a *legal entity* from being recognized so in law. *Natural
Child:* The ordinary euphemism for 'bastard' or illegitimate." [*Amon v.
Moreschi, 296 N.Y. 395, 73 N.E.2d 716." Max Radin, Radin's Law Dictionary
(1955), p. 216.*]

Those that are spiritually dead belong to the prince of this world because
he's dead himself. Satan has dominion over the natural man, for he is the
prince of this world [John 12:31; 14:30; 16:11]; and, as a consequence of
this, he has dominion over those of the world, i.e., human beings, the
natural man – those who receive not the things of the Spirit of God and
reject Christ. Because the bondman in Christ is sanctified from the world,
he is separated from the adversary's dominion over him–sin [John 8:34]. This
is the cause for Christ having sanctified Himself in the Truth of the Word
of God – to provide the entrance to the refuge in and through Himself for