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To: U.S. Congress
To the Congress
of the United States of America,

In 1918, the President's grandfather,
Prescott Bush, and several accomplices desecrated the grave of Apache holy man
Geronimo at Ft. Sill, OK. The men removed Geronimo's head and a prized silver
bridle which had been buried with him. Using acid and amid laughter, they
stripped Geronimo's head of hair and flesh. They then took their "trophies" back
to Yale University and put them on display in the clubhouse of the secret
fraternity "Skull & Bones."

The "Skull & Bones" is a secret
society founded at Yale in 1832. Its history is intertwined with that of the
German Illuminati and the Nazi Party. They maintain a windowless building called
"The Tomb" at 64 High Street, New Haven, Connecticut. The club's assets are
controlled by a front company, The Russell Trust Association, Inc. Every year,
15 Yale juniors are "tapped" for Skull & Bones membership. They are
indoctrinated into the cultish society with elaborate rituals steeped in satanic
theatricism and latent homosexuality. The goal of this fraternity is to create
the ultimate network of "good ol' boys" around the world. Their alumni includes
Prescott Bush's son (George H. W.) and grandson (George W.) as well as heads of
state and leaders of numerous intelligence agencies, trading companies, business
empires and law firms.

Several years ago, a Skull & Bones member
anonymously "leaked" information regarding the society and "The Tomb." This
included documents and photographs. One of the documents detailed Prescott
Bush's graverobbing exploits. One of the photographs was of a skull and bridle
on a shelf, next to a framed photograph of Geronimo. Other sources have since
come forward and confirmed that Geronimo's skull is indeed on display in "The
Tomb" and considered the "mascot" of this "club" on High Street.

the Skull & Bones refuses to officially acknowledge their existence, members
have tacitly admitted to possessing Geronimo's head. In fact, Skull & Bones
members (including Jonathon Bush, the President's brother) met with Apache
leaders in New York in 2000 and attempted to hand over a skull. It was obviously
not the skull seen in the smuggled photograph. When this apparent substitution
was exposed, the "Bonesmen" changed their story, saying the proxy skull was that
of an Indian child.

The Skull & Bones then threatened legal action if
the documents and photos from "The Tomb" weren't returned immediately. They
apparently had second thoughts, after realizing authorities might ask questions
about the apparent abundance of Native skulls kept in New Haven. However,
neither skull has been returned and that of Geronimo is apparently still the
official mascot of the Yale club.

We the undersigned are horrified with
this display of elitist, racist witchcraft and ask Congress, with the assistance
of whatever law enforcement necessary, to launch an immediate investigation into
the theft and possession of human remains by the Skull & Bones society, the
Russell Trust Association, Inc. and/or any members of the US Government
involved, past or present.